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Men’s Health Month and we want you to focus on your health more than ever before. The wake call happens when you or a family member get the call about having a tumor or some form of Cancer.  I know people that are in their early twenty’s that have Cancer and older people that are fighting for their lives. Health Is The New Wealth!!  www.cancertutor.com

Green Tea

Dry green tea leaves are about 40 percent polyphenols by weight, and the most potent of these is EGCG. A team of scientists at Purdue University determined: “In the presence of EGCg, the cancer cells literally failed to grow or enlarge after division then presumably because they did not reach the minimum size needed to divide they underwent programmed cell death, or apoptosis.” EGCG, an antioxidant, is considered many times more potent than the Vitamin E or Vitamin C antioxidant properties. In a 1997 study, researchers from the University of Kansas determined that EGCG is twice as powerful as resveratrol, which itself is known to kill cancer cells (see the Grape Cure page).

Green Tea is also a key element of cancer prevention. (2) Researchers have known for years that the incidence of prostate cancer is considerably lower in Asian countries. One possible explanation advanced by scientists is the high consumption of plant foods among Asian populations. Another is the growing number of laboratory studies indicating that green tea — the most popular tea in China, Japan and other Asian countries — has anti-tumor effects.” (4)  Black tea is more popular in Western countries.

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