A new study about processed foods show that people that eat processed foods are more likely to gain unhealthy weight. You can get the same calories from a better source of food and not gain the same weight that you would from processed foods. Researchers have said for years that ready to go foods cause […]

LL and Simone are using their personal testimonies to inspire the world.

The risk of Cancer is higher than it’s ever been and you need to eat the right foods to make sure your body can fight it of protect itself. Doctor’s don’t really have a answer for the rapid spread of cancer in the USA. I know that we all have to eat better and take […]

The human body is the same as anything else in life. It needs balance in order to thrive and be fully active. The way we eat and the marketing of foods can have the average person confused about healthy eating habits. Alkaline foods are essential for optimum health and well being. A balanced body can […]

Men’s Health Month and we want you to focus on your health more than ever before. The wake call happens when you or a family member get the call about having a tumor or some form of Cancer.  I know people that are in their early twenty’s that have Cancer and older people that are […]

Youi need to take your health seriously and make sure you eat to live a full life. The Alkaline water and foods will keep you feeling your best to perform at peak levels. The body can fight off Cancer with the right foods and water but you must be consistent with your lifestyle habits. Sign […]

The man should be the foundation of the family house hold but if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of you house. Health is the New Wealth. Black Men we need to have better eating habits and we need to drink more water just to start. The body is a temple […]

#Representmenshealth We don’t get serious about preventing illness until we get sick. I personally NEVER get real sick but I work on preventive remedies and avoid getting sick. I eat good foods and fruits on a daily so I can live a healthy life. Cancer is a cell that can be treated before it gets […]

What better way to honor the late, great Charlie Murphy than with a funny memory?

Sadly, comedian Charlie Murphy passed away on Wednesday after losing his battle with leukemia. Celebs and fans were shocked by the devastating news and took to social media to share their condolences. The funny man made a name for himself in Hollywood while his brother, Eddie Murphy, was the biggest comedic star on the planet. […]

Ebony Banks lost her battle to a rare form of stage 4 cancer on Sunday.