Weather is changing and we all know winter is right around the corner, so we should be thinking about our health and working out. Next year is almost here! 2020 is the year you say it’s time to get your body together, but you don’t know where to start. I will tell you that you […]

The Walnut doesn’t get enough credit! We always talk about foods that aren’t good for us, but never about foods that promote good health. Walnuts can help with weight loss and a healthy gut. The antioxidant content of walnuts have proved to be readily bioavailable as well. Just one hour after consuming walnuts, healthy volunteers […]


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The risk of Cancer is higher than it’s ever been and you need to eat the right foods to make sure your body can fight it of protect itself. Doctor’s don’t really have a answer for the rapid spread of cancer in the USA. I know that we all have to eat better and take […]

We in America waste more food than any other country in the world. The food waste is out of control, so we have a solution for you to preserve food longer and not waste it. The bottomline is that we can eat leftovers by saving them in the freezer. Don’t throw your food away! […]


Lil Duval is out selling real rappers just by having fun doing music. The comedian is making his rounds and taking full advantage of the wave his song has him riding. The Billboard rankings are out and LIL DUVAL is #1 and he is LIVING HIS BEST LIFE!! Comedian Lil Duval is soaking in all of […]

The police has really stayed on this case to find out who did the shooting in the XXXtentacion killing. It started off as a robbery but XXX would not just give up his chain which the robbers tried to take off his neck. This new video shows how it unfolded. Rappers die on average […]

Cardi B has people talking about her falling off but warns everybody that is not time for her to fall off! She said ya’ll will know when my time is over because I will not be charting and people will stop messing with me. Cardi B is riding her own wave and doesn’t care about […]

Tyler Perry is the guy that will help is actors and friends when they need it. We all know him from the plays on stage dressed up as Madea. That is what paid the bills for years until he went to Atlanta and built his own studio. Now Tlyer takes care of the people that […]

The trial for Bill Cosby is underway and he could be facing up to 30 Years in prison. This has been four years in the making and now the trial is in Pennsylvania. There are multiple victims that are charing Bill of sexual assault but Andrea Constand was a friend that says he drugged and […]

  I have always used Witch Hazel on my head after I shave my head in the morning. It keeps you from getting bumps and doesn’t strip your skin of it’s natural oil. This is the best kept secret when it comes to healthy choices for your body. The only astringent that can be used […]

The Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem beef has got fans picking sides and looks like Em has more fans ready to defend his honor. Em’s diss track breaks records!!! One fan of Eminem’s was at a Machine Gun Kelly concert when he started dissing Eminem and the fan wasn’t having it so he punched Kelly […]