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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. Would it matter if your mate’s best friend was of the opposite sex? @92qjamsbmore ‪#‎thezone‬

Bentley Mercidenz No i wouldn’t be mad cause it’s all about trust

Tashia Smith It wouldn’t just as long as she knew my place and her place… As long as you don’t give me a reason not to trust you I’m good.

Tawanda Tawanna-Price No not if she’s gay

Roslyn Smith No

Charles Smith Not that it would matter…but it may cause some friction somewhere along the line…as long as they respect the relationship….and my mate knows where the line is drawn…I’m good…it’s all about trust

Chereese Barrett No because I have a male best friend and it’s all about trusting your mate because what if your spouse knew their best friend that by chance was a man or woman what are they supposed to do stop being friends? Lol! Absolutely not!!

itztaye It shouldn’t matter because I have a male best friend and that’s all we will ever be. He is my bodyguard, confidant, and always has my back.

yeahisaidit_sf As long as there is no history

maat__qandisa Oh god. … had a few and they always fall in love… no more friends

kiacheri No. If they’re your mate you should trust that a friend is a friend. If, for any reason they lead you to conclude otherwise, end the relationship. W/o trust you can’t have a [healthy] relationship

lovingtobeme Not at all

gigi82867 Not at all.

jahfarie_ It just would be suspect to me!