With Valentine’s Day just passing, we learned who’s dating who exclusively. One of the couples that have been unconfirmed by the couple but confirmed by the culture is Marcus Jordan (son of Michael Jordan) and Larsa Pippen (ex-wife of Scottie Pippen). In a recent Instagram caption by Larsa Pippen with Marcus standing on the beach […]

Scrolling on the ghetto streets of Instagram we saw a post that struck a cord. The post read, “Don’t replace him! Teach him how to be that man you want. You can never find a perfect Man you can build your perfect Man.” While #TheAMClique seemed to have been on the same page #TheClique seem […]

A popular TikToker posted a video saying, “Liking a picture on social media means you are interested in that person.” While social media was originally created to share your memories with your friends, family members and gain new friends, now it has become a business platform and a slight dating app. The statements made has […]

Ever since Gunna and Chloe Bailey were spotted at the Hawks game in October, the rumors of them dating have been flying high. In a recent interview when questioned about his relationship with the ‘Have Mercy’ singer, Gunna said “We’re really close friends.” According to Gunna, they will stay friends because he isn’t quite ready […]

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While Karrueche still waits to go to court to with Chris Brown over the restraining order, it seems that she has someone to help occupy her time. There’s a little buzz going that Karrueche is spending some quality time with Quavo. TMZ reports, “Quavo was performing with his crew and a bunch of other rappers […]

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Today marks the 20th anniversary of the classic film Love Jones that changed the game for romantic movies and Black movies alike. Fans still remember when Darius, played by Larenz Tate, wooed Nina, played by Nia Long, with captivating poems that real LJ stans still know word for word. But gone are the days where people […]