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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. The Mayor says she will veto police body camera bill if the policy reaches her desk before questions have been resolved. What are your thoughts? ‪#‎92qjams‬ ‪#‎baltimore‬ ‪#‎maryland‬ ‪#‎bmore‬ ‪#‎thursday‬

natethedriverfields They will continue to have issues because no one is there to hold the accountable…

misslenajames She was on the committee to investigate the police brutality cases while she was a city council member. I wish she would stop lying and using our tax dollars to benefit big businesses and casino instead of investing in better police training. She got a police commissioner down there with record of domestic violence from California

the1andonly_meme @drejohnson1 good morning. She has the right to do that. All the facts need to be there. Her signature will be on it. So if something goes wrong. Fingers will be pointed to her. #breakfast bite

gpc_life What questions? A cop beat up a citizen. You had no issues putting cameras up on every corner in BMore.

londynn_bridge If there is nothing to hide why veto the policy? Other states have been using cameras for some time with no issues, why does it have to be an issue for us? There is so much corruption going on behind closed doors maybe she should be concerned

peachy_tyrice It doesn’t matter they will still do what they want. We need a new mayor and governor. VOTE

modemkilla It’s coming no matter what people say, the perception is about safety but what it’s really about is dollars & cents! #TheWholeTruth @drejohnson1

cmp_66 If the city paid for it, it takes away from her hair salon money

daybsofly shes gotta go…she was elected 2 protect, serve & support the citizens of the city…with all that’s going on with BCPD why not have the cameras…shes hiding something (else) from us #GM @drejohnson1

doeboyr7 It’s all about a check!! #politics

bigstink3 She hasn’t done too much for the city since being in office. This politicians look at positions like “Mayor” as a stepping stone towards progress in their career. When we get a mayor who’s in it for the citizens and not their own advancement then we’ll start to see change. It’s suspect that she would veto an idea that would eliminate the speculation of police brutality. It would also protect the department from false reports. She doesn’t understand the term LIABILITY!! But I promise you when she loses her pension because of Vicarious Liability she’ll understand then!!

lastofadieingbreed69 I do feel that as many questions as possible should be answered before the bill is passed instead of working through trial and error. If she passes the bill before complete understanding they will blame her when something goes wrong.

rocksonadventure I think the Mayor is making a bad decision and she’s possibly digging Bmore’s safety in a deeper hole

mylifemypicz She must either have family as officers. Or She knows this will show the real integrity of some police officers.

mr_1210 If the officers not doing anything wrong she should have no reason oppose them wearing it

Dorethea Stepney Taylor If cameras are not the answer to the police brutality what is? The Mayor is only concerned about the cost in dollars not lives.

Terrence Boone She’s concerned about the cost of the cameras but she wasn’t concerned about the cost of this video conference phones she got caught ordering a few years ago, Where are the priorities?


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