After NBA the ballers boycotted games  following the shooting of Jacob Blake by police, all of the games were pushed back by three days and players demanded that the league help with the fight  for social justice. Well the games have now resumed A lot of people questioned what would the NBA’s plan be? Well they […]


Voters are looking forward to casting ballots in favor of or against the candidates of their choice. However, they won't be able to participate if they haven't registered to vote. Here's how.

So Akon is considering running for president in the 2020 election. He also wants his running mate to be Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Would you vote for Akon? source


Our Primary Election is June 26th but the voting process is beginning TODAY. This upcoming election in Maryland will allow us to see who the candidates will be in November Remember, if you don’t get out and vote, when things don’t go the way you want, you can’t say a word. When its time to […]

Democrats across the country are making headlines this year...

Donald Trump is not only out here affecting individual and family lives, but longtime marriages are suffering as well.

The day has finally come! After a long, long campaign season, the madness in some way, shape or form ends tonight, when America finally finds out who it has chosen to be its next president. Still, despite everything we have had to deal with in this crazy election season, the battle does not end when […]

Wrapping up a very successful week as Marylanders break state records for early voting. As of Friday the official early voter turnout number stood at 877,134 compared to 430,000 in 2016. Democrats voting early outnumbered Republicans voting early by almost three to one. Election Day is Tuesday Nov 8th. The Latest Music, Celebrities and Interviews:


This is a serious election for some many reasons and for so many kids futures. There is no reason to sit back and be silent during this election ladies & gentlemen, because you life can change forever if you sit back and don’t act. Voting is a MUST to me and I pray you understand […]

As you know, election 2016 is a very high-stakes election year. With two very different major Presidential candidates on the ballot, the country could go in one of two starkly different directions. Voter turn out is even more important this year than it has been in recent years, so Jeff Johnson has got us covered […]

As much as folks try to down Hip Hop, every time it’s election time, you see the nominees call upon some of the biggest names in music. To help win the battle state of Ohio, Hilary Clinton has called on Jay Z to perform there soon. According to one of Clinton’s aides, the date, time […]