To the relief of many, Chauvin was found guilty on all three counts including second-degree murder on April 20, 2021. Sadly, this outcome is a rarity when it comes to police officers, who are too often not held accountable for their filthy and abusive behavior inflicted on Black men, women and children across this country.

February 1st is supposed to be a day we're supposed to be honoring Black greatness with the start of Black History Month. Instead, Twitter is laser-focused on the actions of Rochester police officers. 

Recently, I had an opportunity to speak with attorney Durante Partridge on legal actions we should take if stopped by the police, properly exercising our first amendment during protest, and the importance of the bearing of arms during these times. 

House Democrats unveiled their sweeping new landmark legislation aimed at reforming the ways in which police departments enforce the nation's laws.

Democrats will introduce the Justice In Policing Act of 2020 this week. Details inside.

Demonstrators meeting up at Franklin High School in Reisterstown for a second time this week to rally against police brutality. Remember you can always take 92Q with you wherever you go by listening live online or via our app. According to CBS Baltimore, a few hundred people showed up, chanting and holding up signs. They marched […]

After the video of the senseless murder of George, Floyd hit the web and viral sparking protests broke out in Minneapolis, the second video of a young man speaking passionately to a news reporter began to circulate with many attributing the clip to Minnesota--but the clip is actually three years older. The viral video that has been posted on various celebrities pages is actually footage from an interview given by Sedan Smith in 2017 after his older brother Sylville Smith was murdered by Milwaukee police.

National A Montgomery County police officer is on the other side of the law after a video os an alleged assault went viral. The video showed Officer Kevin Moris grabbing 19-year old Arnaldo Andres Pesoa by the hair while his shin was deep in his back outside of a McDonalds in Aspen Hill. Pesoa’s head […] In a chilling video captured over the weekend that has since gone viral, a woman is heard pleading with police officers in Hawthorne, Calif. who have high-powered weapons drawn on a kneeling and unarmed Black man. Details are still developing, but reaction online to the video has triggered a renewed conservation of excessive police […]

Add singing in your car while Black to the growing list of things that Black people can’t do without being arrested or in this particular case being shot at by the police. Surveillance footage clearly shows the moment two police officers opened fire on an unarmed Black couple. Last Tuesday (Apr 16), it was reported […]

The city of Sacramento, Calif. has become a gathering place of protests, this after it was announced that the officers who shot and killed unarmed Black man Stephon Clark won’t be charged. The 22-year-old Clark was shot dead in his grandmother’s backyard last year. NBC News reports: The shooting of Clark, 22, in his grandmother’s […]

City officials and community members in Columbus, Ohio condemned the harmful action of police officer Zachary Rosen who was caught on video stomping a handcuffed Black man while laying on the ground on April 8.