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I’m sure you had a trying week like I did and today seems to be moving extra slooooooowwww! Not sure if it’s the rain, but OMG! Can this day end already???

What can we do to make this time go by faster? Try these tips:


AT HOME (or outside the office):

Stop watching the clock. No matter how slowly time is passing, checking the time will sometimes make it feel slower.

Finish a Pinterest project. If this sounds like too much of an effort, the simple act of browsing Pinterest can kill hours of your time!

Read. Finding a long book that interests you can make hours disappear!

Organize your old photos. Do you have a box of old photos, random photos your friends handed you years ago, and photos taken on special occasions here and there?




Get the most out of your lunch hour. If possible, get out of the office. Take a short walk or drive to get food, and eat out instead of in the conference room. Getting others to come with you is another good idea.

If you don’t get scheduled breaks, make sure you take two breaks during the day. The best times for these breaks are around 10:30AM and 3:00PM, as they are between meals.

Save most of your hardest/most challenging work for the end of the day!




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