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Ever feel like you’re stuck? It can be in a marriage, relationship, job, neighborhood! What we don’t know that we control our own destiny. Instead, we look to others who have absolutely no influence on our lives. I mean, yeah, it’s your mom’s advice, but it’s your life! So if you’re stuck, what will mom do? NOTHING but make you cookies and tell you to take a nap!

Try these tips:

  1. Move Out of Your Comfort Zone — Rome wasn’t built in a day and your new life, prosperity and career probably won’t be either, but simply commit to begin.  Robert Allen is the author of the book, Multiple Streams of Income.  I once heard him speak at a convention.  He held out his hands about three feet apart and said, “Everything you want is <this far> outside your comfort zone.”   Get prepared to make changes in your life…and start making them! The Universe can’t help you until you are willing to step out of your comfort zone.
  2. Tune In To Your Intuition — Your inner voice is always with you providing wise guidance to assist you in creating the rich, wonderful, passionate life you deserve.  Make use of it by asking it good questions.  Asking, “Why can’t I make money?” or “Why can’t I get a better job?” is a setup for failure and despair.  Instead, begin your day with questions like, “How can I create more abundance?”  “What could I do for work that would make me happy?”  “Where can I begin?”  “What could I do today that would be a step in the right direction?”  You get the idea.  Ask open-ended questions with an expectation of an insightful and helpful answer.  So, ask good questions, trust your gut, and grow a brand new life.


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