Although I’m at work (COMP DAY!!!) I’m sure there is something I could do when I get off, right? Hmm…let’s see. (scratches head) Do you have any ideas on what you can do on New Years Day? Here are a few ideas I found online:   Watch Football Do Some Expiration Date Cleaning Go See […]

In preparation for Thanksgiving, it’s tradition for the President of the United States to pardon a live turkey. It’s news I guess. Especially when the first daughters are there with looks of disinterest and boredom. Now, personally, I don’t know Sasha and Malia Obama so I can’t say they were bored. The looks on their […]

I’m sure you had a trying week like I did and today seems to be moving extra slooooooowwww! Not sure if it’s the rain, but OMG! Can this day end already??? What can we do to make this time go by faster? Try these tips:   AT HOME (or outside the office): Stop watching the […]

How happy were you to hear that today is the first day of Spring? I know it’s probably gonna snow next week, but the fact is….it’s the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!! Yooooo….hoooooo!!! So, now that SPRING has SPRUNG…how do we get out of this old winter funk? Take a Sunshine Vitamin Can’t get your normal […]

Ever feel like you’re stuck? It can be in a marriage, relationship, job, neighborhood! What we don’t know that we control our own destiny. Instead, we look to others who have absolutely no influence on our lives. I mean, yeah, it’s your mom’s advice, but it’s your life! So if you’re stuck, what will mom […]