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Gov. O’Malley camp is prepared to back a bill for research of medical marijuana in Maryland.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Should medical marijuana be legal in Maryland? Where do yo stand? @92qjamsbmore #friday #92 #baltimore #bmore #2013

Kandyce Dollface Hopkins Absolutely! It would make Maryland a better place….lol

Antoine Tony Caldwell · Marijuana and all the other illegal drugs as well. No need for a long lecture on this topic. Remeber the Prohibition.

Toiya Best‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 of course NOT!!! If you legalize that then you might as well legalize all drugs!!! Get O’Malley out if here, he’s making poor

Mrs.Campbell‏@TCampbell312 @DreJohnson1 NO!!!!! If he give them an inch they’re going to take a mile #badchoice

Hi MaSoN’s MoM‏@MasonMiAmor @DreJohnson1 then what would all the buckle and dime hustlers do for work? Lol GM Dre

JayMoney Hackett™‏@DaReal_JayMoney @DreJohnson1 YES ! YES! YES! The crime rate would drop to the lowest it’s ever been. Especially, out the City.

Cornelius Harrison‏@Nibby2 @DreJohnson1 yo Dre the potheads will be celebrating in the streets. #munchiesgalore

Melanie‏@Mkinn1 @DreJohnson1 hell yea it should b legal! I’ll relocate back to Maryland if they do

kandi_scissorhandzHell yeah!

overeasyyoHell yea. I got glaucoma lol

doeboyr7Nah it’s going to mess money flow up. @drejohnson1

ramonelylesYes, what other drug can you put the word “medical” in front of ? @drejohnson1

ijazitupyeah because it’s gonna be used just for medical issues

luvmesomekennyPeople will be happy especially the ones who has never been to see a doctor I bet they will now!!

doeboyr7The government isn’t going to approve of it anyway! It makes them money on the back end by having us in jail and building new prisons. It’s deeper than a yes or no question! @drejohnson1

doeboyr7@boogie_thegreat lls that is true tho

prettyzetaThey will approve it because of the tax money it will bring @drejohnson1

urbaninformerRealistically speaking NO! We have enough issues with drugs in our city, why add to the problem. That’s why the world is messed up anyway


overeasyyoWeed isn’t even a drug tho. It’s only illegal cuz back in the day certain industries couldn’t compete with hemp so they lobbied for it to be prohibited. #legalizeit @drejohnson1 #420

augustbabeeYes some people really need it..however it comes in different forms like cookies, cakes etc

mochahunniWeed isnt a drug…people make it seem like its crack or heroin it has none of those effects. I think it should be legal because it actually can be used as a healing agent. Take a minute n think why arent there cures for so many diseases out here..because the govt cant profit from folks spending $300+ on meds. Weed comes from the earth with no harmful side effects but depression meds can cause folks to have suicidal thoughts..really..i”ll take weed.

followthedjPeople gotta see the big picture keeping it illegal keeps the murder rate high ,jails over packed ,tax payers money used in the wrong areas and more importantly Baltimore city police officers has even found a kurupt way to make money off of it so why not make it legal .fyi when have u ever heard of someone dying from smoking too much weed . NOT NEVER . What should be illegal is cigeretes

djgetrich@drejohnson1 yeah man. Then we could empty out these jail cells for all these petty crimes and get at the real criminals for all their horrible crimes. We’re talking about marijuana not heroin or crack/cocaine ; two drugs that have put a permanent dent on this city for the past 40 + years. One could argue that legalizing could lead to more harmful drugs, or would it? I believe people would be less intrigued by drugs if they were legal. Like myself, I have never once in my life smoked a cigarette and never plan on doing so. Though, I may be more intrigued to do so if they were illegal.

delicioussweetchocolate@mochahunni @followthedj ……I agree with both of you…..they should look at the other states that have it legal…see how it’s working for them by having marijuana legal….stop procrastinating nd make it legal

midway_jay@drejohnson1 hell yea #marleyboyz


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