Now I  smoke… not cigarettes, but the other stuff. I mean at this point I think that everybody should. Crime would be down cause everybody would be high LOL. But would you looka here, which one of you pot dealers done lost your stash? 500 pounds bruh! I don’t ever know what to do with […]

While the passing of the MORE Act is indeed historic, the bill is most likely to remain in limbo.

As decriminalization and legalization efforts continue to grow nationwide and many states voting on measures this fall, the devil's lettuce is getting a lot of attention in the news of late.

The United States House of Representatives will be voting on removing cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act, along with erasing certain criminal records related to marijuana in September, according to the Hill. Marijuana is currently listed a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act, along with other drugs like ecstasy, LSD, and heroin. However, […]

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Sometimes weed smokers hide their stash TOO good. According to NYDailyNews, an Australian man went to the doctor after suffering from severe sinus headaches got a lot more than a head high when he received his diagnosis. The 48-year-old ex-convict was told that he had a “rubber capsule containing degenerate vegetable/plant matter.” Text “RICKEY” to 71007 to join […]

Former NBA Star Kwame Brown was arrested in Georgia for felony drug possession after being pulled over by the police. The strange thing is Kwame was a passenger in the car and the drugs in the truck of the car belonged to the driver. The backpack that was found had edibles including cookies, mints and […]

CVS is officially getting into the business of offering its customers CBD products–and that’s a pretty big deal. In a statement to FOX Business, the drugstore chain said that it started selling CBD products–or products with cannabidiol–which is the non-psychoactive component of marijuana, last week in select states across the country. Curaleaf Holdings Inc. has […]

Also, when the data was adjusted for race, researchers found women who used a little weed before sex reported satisfactory orgasms at over two times the rate of non users.

We never thought we'd see the day, but here we are...details inside.


Join Our Text Club To Get The Latest Breaking News On Your Phone. Text WOLB to 71007 to join! Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby will no longer prosecute marijuana possession cases in Baltimore City. In an announcement Tuesday, Mosby said “The statistics are damning when it comes to the disproportionate impact that the “War on Drugs” […]

In the booming cannabis industry, the participation of Black entrepreneurs has grown although women are still underrepresented. Former corporate executive and cannabis advocate Dasheeda Dawson will hopefully bolster the ranks in that arena after her history-making moment in Times Square this coming New Year’s Eve. With her company The WeedHead, Ms. Dawson is the mind […]

Canada legalizes marijuana and folks are happy and enduring long lines as the country’s first dispensaries open Wednesday morning. Hundreds are now legally buying recreational marijuana all over Canada but not without adjusting to a few rules. Who can buy marijuana in Canada? Adults of at least 18 years old will be allowed to carry […]