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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Ravens Joe Flacco is expected to sign the richest contract in NFL history today for $120.6 mill over 6 yrs. What are your thoughts on the deal? @drejohnson #92q #ravens #baltimore

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Taya‏@TayaS36 @DreJohnson1 Gm… But he ain’t worth all that… A lot more players played a part in that Ravens Victory… Not just him.

Mount -N- Dew‏@HrmLssFlirt @DreJohnson1 real fans would realize that he got us to the playoffs every year since he’s been here & wasn’t the reason we always lost.

Toiya Best‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 Gm Dre!! You know I was on his azz all season, I’m not impressed with him! Winning one SB under him doesn’t warrant that type of money! He’s not consistent enough for me. For that $ we better win 6 SB’s.

Cornelius Harrison‏@Nibby2 @DreJohnson1 get money son

Melanie‏@Mkinn1 @DreJohnson1 he showed he was worth it thru the playoffs & superbowl but better not go bac to inconsistency.

Jermaine Townes He deserves that cash..cuz he did what all tha flacco haters said he couldn’t do…

Jacky Lee Manning WELL-EARNED!!!

dmills_81 Lmao! #Repost

augustbabee He’s not consistent enough. .we only won 1 superbowl, as a fan I’m not impressed by him. They fans dogged him all season & jus.t

augustbabeeBecause he beat some teams they want to call him elite.lets c what happens next season.

ramonelyles He good but not that good # coltsfan

midway_jay @drejohnson1 pay da man he worth it let da haters hate lol

slick__bentley Well ask him can. I have. His tax return. Lmaoooooooo

tha1stldy Pay that man … Congrats Joe

tothebreakofdawn Don’t get me wrong… I love my Ravens BUT I wouldn’t consider Flaccid an elite qb. But Heyyy get that money.

followthedj1ring does not define him as an elite qb ray Lewis didn’t even get a contract that big and he’s proved himself for 17 years. TOO MUCH HYPE HE SHOULDN’T EEN BE MENTIONED IN TOP 5 qb’s with Peyton ,drew bree, Tom Brady , Big Ben ,and eli

jusbaze I’m a ravens fan but kinda lost respect for him when he was willing to to cheat to win the Super Bowl so yes we should keep him not for 120.6 mill tho.

1_and_0nly_quan Glad joe got some bread but we may have to let go of some great players that helped get us there so we may have joe but without somebod those key players to help him cuz we can’t afford them can we make it back to the top? @drejohnson1

icis78 Lol nope he’s good not great

mr_tmason Ching ching

dh_dahitwryter He made the playoffs every year and played perfect football when it mattered most…business wise, he earned it! Eli Manning does the same…plays average during the season and turns it up during the playoffs! Joe is still young and transitioning from having a great defense, to him being the man! Forget inconsistency, he won the Superbowl and he was MVP! Ppl keep pointing out his flaws! What has Tom Brady won lately? And he’s considered the best QB but he hasn’t won a Superbowl since spy gate! Those years Brady won the Superbowl, the Patriots also had a great defense so its no different! Unfortunately how you get paid doesn’t rely on what happens next, and regardless of his regular season play, Joe has ALWAYS STEPPED UP IN THE POST SEASON

tiffstar_04 @drejohnson1 GM!!! Lot Flacco hate… He’s proven his skill over several years that culminated in a RING! Pay him!!!

djdoncorleone He still A bum, and this is not hating, this is A fact. Trust me, ya’ll will see. They are giving him too much money, he’s not that QB to make money like this yet. If you watch football, you seen what he do, he have more down games then up. He get scared when we play the steelers, plus he dont know how to run the football, scramble the field, call Audible, when he needs to. He’s A bum. Watch if you didnt see it, in 5 years, you will.

agroomes 120 million for wht?? Cause the RAVENS as a team won the super bowl?!

mickeybmore I think he shld take a cut in some of tht to keep some of the deserving players on the team!

urbaninformer I think it’s a bit much.

1_and_0nly_quan @mickeybmore sooooo true

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