Reading the December issue of Essence Magazine with actress Gabrielle Union on the cover, I was taken aback when I read a section in it that asked the question “what 10 things can you write down that make you happy?” In the article, Gabrielle could only write down “ground beef, real butter, and imitation crab […]

Hundreds of thousands of military vets are still on the battlefield, surviving the daily struggles of everyday stresses of  getting through another day in these United States. Was there (or is there) more security when you serve in the military verses being a civilian? For you to come home to mounds of bills piling up […]

Courtesy of, 2013 The March of Dimes and millions of families of premature babies need your help and support. November is a month that recognizes Prematurity Awareness! Do you have a friend, family member or associate who has a child that was born premature? Check out the stats: Every year, more than half a […]

As we prepare for Veteran’s Day, let’s take some time to show our military families our appreciation and support for the sacrifices they make for you and I to walk these streets safely. They answer the call and serve without complaining; regardless of the fact they’re missing a child’s  first tooth, first steps, high school […]

I have a friend who was a little down today and I knew something wasn’t right when I sent her a text to see how she was doing. Her response was short and usually that’s not the case. I followed my gut and called her. She was surprised because I hardly get on my phone […]

There’s nothing wrong with some good, juicy gossip about what Tinisha did last night at the club or when Richard came to work smelling like the top shelf of the bar! The thing is, you don’t realize that you’re adding to the stress at the workplace and you could get caught up in some dramatic […]

I thought October had a lot of awareness events! November is not only known for the month that hosts Thanksgiving but many awareness events in the United States: November – American Diabetes Month For more information visit the American Diabetes Association November – National Hospice Month For more information visit the National Hospice and […]

  Loved the tips in this article on choosing better men. ESSENCE may be on to something!!!  – Click Here for the Article

The entire world watched the Crazy, Sexy, Cool chicks win and lose at relationships, money, and one member, their life. You can say it had to do with the absent fathers or lack of education. I learned a great deal watching the movie “Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC biopic”, which aired last night on VH-1. […]

I did the dumbest thing last night. My body was aching and I was really tired, but you know that coming in straight from a busy day, it takes your body some time to wind down, right? Well, I took an ADVIL PM (one tablet) to help me get to sleep and maybe I took […]

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and most abusers aren’t celebrating because they’re abusing. Victims of domestic violence don’t know how to get away from their abuser and most have lost their lives trying to. It’s a situation that hit close to home when my mother was being abused by a former boyfriend and I […]

October is a month for many events and awarenesses but one in particular, and I feel is one of the most important, is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Although it’s recognized in February, I’d like to focus on Teen Dating Violence Awareness: Does your partner: Embarrass you with put-downs? Look at you or act in ways […]