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There’s nothing wrong with some good, juicy gossip about what Tinisha did last night at the club or when Richard came to work smelling like the top shelf of the bar!

The thing is, you don’t realize that you’re adding to the stress at the workplace and you could get caught up in some dramatic outcome when it comes to gossiping around the office. Although it’s entertaining to hear, you should really refrain from being involved in the office gossip. It’s just not a good idea; especially if you want to keep your job.

Follow these tips:

Stop at-work chit chat by halting a conversation that is headed in a gossipy direction. Try lines such as, “Let’s hold off talking about Sheila until she’s here,” or “This not something I feel comfortable talking about with Peter in the next room.” Your co-workers will be caught off-guard, but chances are they will change the subject.

Shut your own mouth. A surefire way to put a stop to office gossip is to take yourself out of the game entirely. When your mouth is shut, you can’t dish it out and you can’t take it. Coworkers will respect your ability to rise above the small talk and hopefully follow suit.

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