Love Zone-After the Show

Below is video footage of Florida State Quarterback De’Andre Johnson punching a woman at a bar last month. He has been charged with misdemeanor battery and is suspended from the FSU football team indefinitely.   Although the events that led up to this scuffle are still unclear, it is very clear that the woman attempted […]

It’s #QuestionsMonday here inside the Love Zone and I want to know the craziest place you’ve had sex! I’m sure we all have some interesting stories to share so feel free to post your wild sexcapade! Shout out to all my #LOveZone listeners! YOU GUYS ROCK!!   Follow me on IG: @AutumnJoiLive// Twitter: @AutumnJoi

So it’s #TellItTuesday inside the Love Zone and tonight’s topic is: Can A Large Penis Ruin A Relationship? The listeners had some very interesting responses and surprisingly enough, mainly women were giving the green light to a man stepping out! What say you? Take the poll… below (hee-hee)   Follow me on IG: @AutumnJoiLive and […]

Check out my advice to a woman dealing with a guy who needs to be high to have sex.  

I loved Kim K’s glitzy bathrobe dress that she wore to the Grammys, but a lot of people hated it. Turns out it was another Kanye pick — straight from the runway.  Would you let your lover dress you? Yes! He has good taste Nope, what he thinks is hot is so dry to me […]

Can a relationship work when you have different religions? Check out my advice below:  

Tonight was all about the ways to tell you are in the right relationship. I only shared 6 of the 31 tips from a great Huffington Post article. Click here to check out all 31 Ways to Know You Are in the Right Relationship.

Check out your love, sex and relationship questions from Tuesday’s show:    Q)How can I get my girl more interested in having sex? She is fine with once a week and it is killing me. A) Start with asking her what she wants sexually. Remove the things that take her mind away from sex. Finally, […]

  Warren Sapp. Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images   Warren Sapp is the latest celeb that has lost a job because he may have solicited a prostitute. I want to know from you … Would you pay for the best sex ever? Married or single all men pay for sex,,,in one form or another Nope. Sex is sex […]

Thursdays are all about the Sex Session. DJ Kenny K has the DMV’s best slow jam mix and I have the quickie question of the night. What is the best time to have sex? Anytime … as long as the light is on The only day I don’t have sex is Sunday. Gotta give God […]

Ludacris, Prince Williams. Getty   Ludacris is going through it right now with the mom of his 1 year old child. Recently, the courts awarded him primary custody, but that was after lots of mud slinging between himself, his new wife and his child’s mom. When it comes to love drama, who is more at […]

Question My boyfriend has a “best friend” who is a female and they supposedly love each other as friends only, however, I can tell at the very least its more than that from her. I have tried to just ask that he will maintain boundaries with her, and have trusted him to do so over […]