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I did the dumbest thing last night. My body was aching and I was really tired, but you know that coming in straight from a busy day, it takes your body some time to wind down, right? Well, I took an ADVIL PM (one tablet) to help me get to sleep and maybe I took it too late because although my rest was peaceful and my body wasn’t aching, I found myself still under the influence! Let’s just say those suckers work!!!

Now, I’m trying to find ways to keep myself from dozing off in the studio. I’m sure you had a late night and pretty much suffering like me, so I found some tips online that just might be the slap in the face we need.

  • Chew ice. If you chew ice, it’s almost impossible to fall asleep. The chilling temperature keeps the brain on its toes, even while you are driving late at night, exhausted, and what you really want to do is fall asleep
  • Step outside, even just for a bit. If you can step outside (even on a cloudy day) or look out the window for a full minute, you’ll be more alert.
  • Listen to music that’s energizing to you. If possible, dance or sing along, even if you just bob your head or hum. Music that’s irritating or jarring may keep you awake better than music that’s familiar. Just do your co-workers a favor and remember to use headphones!



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