Chris Brown has warned us plenty of times that when he loves a woman, he’s willing to make her life miserable before letting her go. Unfortunately, Karrueche is the woman he allegedly loves and he is reportedly ducking her domestic violence restraining order. The New York Daily News reports that on Wednesday outside a courtroom […]

A few weeks ago, Nick Cannon was rumored to have a baby on the way from an ex-girlfriend. Well, he confirmed those rumors to be true. Brittany Bell, who also happens to be former Miss Arizona USA, announced her pregnancy proudly via Instagram. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Nick announced the news in an interview […]

Diddy‘s ex-wife and mother of his first son, Misa Hylton-Brim, was living in a gorgeous 3-bedroom home in Westchester, New York. Diddy purchased it for her back in 2003, but the bank apparently has seen a payment in many years. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Now, the house is facing foreclosure, and is about to […]

Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. Describe your ex in one word? ‪#‎thezone‬ Nichole June CRAZY😂😂😂 Slew Rockson Friend Chereese Barrett Disloyal Erica Sanders trifling Charles Smith Who? Shaughna Luvinherkids Fisher Trash Tyra Foster A STRAIGHT CLOWN Shantele Russell Jerk.. Melissa Green A Bitch. Sha Johnson B**ch Jinaki Johnson Liar Timeka Wright appreciative Shebretta Sheridan Counterfeit mztwizzy I don’t […]

Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. Muhammad Ali’s ex-girlfriend is trying to sell his sex tapes. What are your thoughts and how far would you go to get money? ‪#‎thezone‬ Tammy T Sapp That is foul as hell. Like he just died and she is trying to capitalize off tapes that probably are 30 years old or more. Yet, […]

Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. What is the craziest thing your ex has done to you after the relationship was over? David T Roland Called and asked to get back lmao Cristal Lee Trolled my social media then text me out the blue telling me what posts he likes that I posted…..But I blocked his ass a long […]

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. If you found out your mate has cheated on you, does that give you motivation to return the favor, or should you just leave? Treneda Allen Just leave. …it’s Not worth the headache. Cornell Willis One for one only makes you as guilty as the initial cheater… Quietly pack up and leave without […]

  Welp….It’s official.   Allegedly.  Word on the skreets is that Rick Ross has taken back his love and his ring from his now EX-Wife to be, IG model Lira Mercer/Galore.  No one knows why or what caused the breakup, but they said Ross done already deleted her existence from his social media.  Wow this […]

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Name a zodiac sign of an ex that hurt you the most? Vonnie Fatz Long Taurus and it’s funny because I’m a Taurus as well. Good morning Dre. Donnell Barnes Scorpio she was the worst believed her friends over me now she miserable Nicole Love Cancer MrTerrence Teel Taurus!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tee Denton Taurus. Gm […]

Nicki Minaj has chosen to stay out of the crossfire as boyfriend Meek Mill’s explosive rap feud with Drake continues to heat up, but that certainly…

The Meek vs. everybody saga is continuing to unfold and his ride or die lady Nicki Minaj is not letting her name get thrown around…

The Ciara vs. Future saga reached new lows and social media heights this week after Future decided to dish intimate details on their break up…