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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. What is the craziest thing your ex has done to you after the relationship was over?

David T Roland Called and asked to get back lmao

Cristal Lee Trolled my social media then text me out the blue telling me what posts he likes that I posted…..But I blocked his ass a long time ago so I’m completely confused

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Shanda Robertson Call every single day for 2 months asking for forgiveness….this February & March….sad….

Johnny Doswell F**k my best friend….then I hit her mother…. Old b**ch

Tanesha Butler Asked if we can be FWB while he decides if he wants to marry current girlfriend

babygirl7275 @drejohnson1 this fool took the kool-aid!!! Petty

hunitstackz Called my new chick and had a 30 min convo about how to make me happy…like that shit cool or something… #Psycho

originaltrayduce Faked pregnant

soez2luvme Asked me to be the God mother of his new-born baby.

box_dontlovethese_hoes @92qjamsbmore she f**k my home boy

starring_leesa Called my mom and left her a 20 minute voicemail about every place we had sex…including her bed! 😂😂😂 #pettyass

overcomer_2016 Get ready to purpose to his new gf not even a month later after we broke up.

b.o.s.s_frankie Posted all our business on instagram

mere_mia Approach my new dude told him I was the best thing to ever happen to him, treat me right and keep an eye on me cause she’s a keeper. Then apologized to me. And called me crazy..😂😂oh but he knew

hizaddiction Took my right shoes to all my shoes! #pettybastard

ninny72 Telling new chicks I hurt him n did so much to him to get sympathy… when He the one that lied, stole from me n my kids and cheated… #smh

prettyfacedezz Try to his new bitty to fight me

crissypoo31 Tried to fight the new BF 😩😩😩

freckledfacecookie Stop making my truck payment without telling me he did that, Heyyy its paid off now 😂😂😂😂 How u feel pulling up to get the kids n I still got it 😂😂😂😂😂😂#backfired

invest_in_my_mentalityThis the first time I seen your face after all that stuff u was saying to me at s&s Saturday

1derwoman2u How bout my ex and I were over 2 yrs ago n he refuses to release the phone to me but won’t turn it off so I know when his relationship is over with another women I will start gettin txt messages like “Oh I see your ova your daughter house or who’s number is this” so I had to get me a new Phone. #SoDone

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