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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Name a zodiac sign of an ex that hurt you the most?


Vonnie Fatz Long Taurus and it’s funny because I’m a Taurus as well. Good morning Dre.

Donnell Barnes Scorpio she was the worst believed her friends over me now she miserable

Nicole Love Cancer

MrTerrence Teel Taurus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tee Denton Taurus. Gm Dre

MrTerrence Teel Dag on SAGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Katie MustbeJelly Lofton Aquarius

Mike Savage Virgo

whthershey209 Scorpio…..

mseyecandyyy Those damn virgos! Lol

hairbykeena A Cancer

doeboyr7 Crazy azz Gemini!

khandyekane@drejohnson1 multiple personality GEMINI!!! 😡

chocolatevixn Sagittarius

irock20pearlz Capricorn

msjthe 1 Virgo

mi_im_mochaa@drejohnson1 Them Damn Leo & Aries Men 😑😑😑😑

dre0385 Taurus @drejohnson1

serenityis_me A Virgo!!!!! They do the most!!!

mr_wonder28 Picses!!!! @drejohnson1

destinedforgreatness_78_  ariesSag

deucegirl101 Gemini they are crazy!!!

Pisces are thee absolute worst habitual pathological liars @drejohnson1

just_b_n_me_126 I’m an Aquarius but them sneaky lying Taurus will try their best to break u down

much2luvj Well it clearly shows that no matter what sign you are anybody could be a liar. It has to do with the person.

its_tifph Scorpiossssssssss every single time

1bmorequeen I wish ppl stop hurting ppl mentally

mrs_frink Leo…even though I married one smh

freshprince_27 I’m a Leo and I was hurt by a Leo. Smh

flowsuniquely4u Sagittarius

iamdjbunk Sagittarius, but I’m a Leo and we heartbreakers #nolie

aamoria Aries

naturally_fly11 Scorpio

cristalonair AQUARIUS

libra_heath Taurus. Both my exes were hoes, arrogant, cocky. One was more violent. I vow to forever stay away from them. We’re just sexually compatible

nakeitav Scorpio, Leo & Aries


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