At this point in the rap game, anytime you see Weezy or get a verse from him, it’s a rare opportunity. Years ago, Wayne was on every song, he was everywhere but the last couple of years, he’s played the back but Hip Hop knows that he’s still one of the goats. In one of […]

Man, I know Jim Jones is really smacking himself in the head right now because he REALLY could be “Ballin'”! In a recent interview, Jim admitted that he passed on signing Drake because he was an actor in a wheelchair. “I got a call from [music executive] Alan Grunblatt, I think I was on tour, […]

2 Chainz answers the age-old question about who could hold their own against Jay-Z in a Verzuz battle. Do you agree?

Nike needs to stop playing with our feelings already and give us confirmation on whether or not these will indeed be dropping.

Apparently, Drake being happy for Rihanna and A$AP Rocky is a non-starter. Reportedly, the 6 God has unfollowed both ever since the happy couple announced they were expecting a child together.

"Euphoria" has grown historically-popular during its second season. Viewership has doubled since its first, expect the same for its third.

Twitter goes in about how Drake feels in this moment as the world gushes in heart eyes over Rihanna’s baby bump pics with A$AP Rocky! Rihanna was photographed  in New York City, showing off her gorgeous baby bump draped in a gold cross and jewels while wearing a long pink jacket. Rihanna Is Pregnant! Expecting […]

Burn Baby, Burn! The streets are talking about Drake again. According to the site, an Instagram model is claiming to have had sexual relations with the 6 God. Afterwards he discarded the condom and she reportedly went to get it and poured the semen into. Shortly afterwards, she felt a burning sensation because reportedly Drake […]

She went on to admit she had a "disgusting crush" on Al B. Sure!, but that's a conversation for another day. The only man to captivate women with a unibrow in the history of the game.

Kanye West and Drake held a whole concert, that streamed on Amazon, in support of Larry Hoover. Needless to say, the Fed ain't feeling two A-list rappers supporting the founder of the Gangster Disciples, who is serving six life sentences, by the way.

Last night the world was on it’s feet waiting for this historic event. Los Angeles was on fire! Kanye [I mean Ye) and Drake performed at the LA Coliseum for the “Free Larry Hoover” benefit. Enough talking and typing, if you messed it…we got you! Click HERE to watch the show  

Tickets to the December 9th benefit concert for Larry Hoover has fans staring into their wallets. See more inside.