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Jane Miller recently spoke to former Mayor, Sheila Dixon, and she seems very encouraged about her announced to run for mayor of Baltimore again. Dixon told Jane that 9 out of 10 folks, that she comes across in B’more gives her the thumbs up!!! Click here to see the Interview The Breakfast Bite Question is…. […]

Of course Russell Wilson discussed Ciara while visiting Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday. They also discussed Wilson being on his last year of that doo-doo 1.5 rookie contract….and Jimmy had jokes when Ciara was brought up and played the below clip,that was found on Ci-Ci’s instagram page. Russell joked that the IG declaration above is what caused their very first […]

Rico Love, the mega producer turned artist, clearly knows a thing or two about success.  His producing cred alone is enough for me to cosign on this and I agree with him on his latest facebook video rant. Love responded to someone telling him “don’t let the money change you”. Rico rebuked that idea with intensity, calling […]

How do you tell if he or she is “the one”? This was something I used to wonder about a lot before meeting my husband and maybe even a few times when things got a little rocky.  I’ve always thought he was “the one” but when our relationship was tested…You know after the honeymoon phase, after […]

You gotta see Rihanna check her drunk a** bestie, Leandra after the BET Awards. They were surrounded by paparazzi and through all the noise, you can hear Rih-Rih telling her to get her shat together….and uses a couple adult words…LOL. We’ve all been there and that’s why I love me some Rih-Rih. Seeing this clip, […]

Wow….So the film “Back To The Future” was on the money with it’s depiction of the Hoverboard. What was once just a fictional form of transportation is now, over 20 years later, coming to life.  Lexus developers have brought the 80’s fantasy to life. You gotta see this… Click here to read more about the […]

People questioned if Nicki had a ghost writer before and Safaree her ex boyfriend of 11 years, was implied as her secret lyric provider in the past.  Up until recently the Jamaican MC, Safaree Samuels, never agreed to the accusations, however, now that the two are split up, he has insinuated that idea on his […]

For the first time in couple years the world will be gaining an extra second. It’s called a “leap second” and it’s how humans re-adjust to the slowing of the Earth’s rotation. Yes the Earth is gradually slowing down and it happens sporadically, which is why we haven’t had a leap second since June of […]

  Last week at least 6 black churches were burned and destroyed in this country.  Most of the torched churches are located in the South and one in Ohio.  This string of fires, happened just one week after 9 people were gunned down in a predominantly black church in Charleston and while the nation continues […]

It’s the full list of 2015 B.E.T Award winners + nominees, a recap and the video highlights right here! You can CLICK HERE to see the list of this year’s WINNERS & Nominees! The live tweets and memes were killing me!  I couldn’t stop hitting  the crying with laughter emoji.  The chatter ranged from Terrence Howard […]

You gotta love when a hometown artist gets national love and King Los has been on his P.R. grind talking to industry folks and promoting his latest album with RCA records, God, Money, War. King Los also known as, Carlos Coleman, is Baltimore artist who’s name has been known in the streets for quite sometime […]

Dre and Sophie get the latest drama between one Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran. Word on the street is that Chris, who slated to perform, doesn’t want to see her at the BET Awards. Unfortunately for Breezy, Karrueche has her own plans and plans with someone else…  Boy oh Boy Chris is not going to […]