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People questioned if Nicki had a ghost writer before and Safaree her ex boyfriend of 11 years, was implied as her secret lyric provider in the past.  Up until recently the Jamaican MC, Safaree Samuels, never agreed to the accusations, however, now that the two are split up, he has insinuated that idea on his social media account, IG posts, and even in interviews….but when he is officially asked about being Minaj’s ghost writer, he says, no and gives props to his ex and raves about her talent.

Fast Forward to just a few days ago, Safaree was offended and rightfully so, if it’s true. Supposedly Samuels was at the Hollywood Carnival when he received news from his publicist by way of BET, that he was banned from attending the 2015 BET Awards. That phone call must of had Safaree’s blood boiling a bit…Soon after, He went in on BET and Nicki.

 quoting one of Nicki’s well known verses from “Only” tweeting,


Safaree has been with Nicki from day one, before her massive success and I can imagine why he may be feeling some type of way. Now if you’ve been following these two, you may remember the below interview that Safaree did with The Breakfast Club, in which he speaks about their break up and the cause being that Nicki was treating him like and employee.. Safaree also added that she was preventing him from having his own career…or alluding to her hurting his career but no specifics.

In past interviews, Safaree has has mentioned that he was part of Nicki writing process, Saying that it was usually Safaree, a beat and Nicki with a notepad. Now this could really mean that he was the just the co-writer or her muse and maybe ghostwriter is a stretch.  What ever his actual role was, it sounds like he should at the very least, earn Safaree a seat at the table.  Why would Nicki completely shut the man out?

After years of him, writing with her and accompanying her many award ceremonies, and knowing that he is trying to do pursue his own career, she denied him from attending one of the biggest nights in black entertainment.  It’s not like he is a scorned lover that would embarrass her.  He supposedly broke up with her and he’s been super cool in every interview following the break up, never really insulting Minaj and even applauding her talents.

Plus look at the time line… They broke up right around when he started dropping music and videos. I also wonder why she was so private about her relationship with Safaree but now after dating Meek for what.. a couple months, she’s shouting it out from the mountain tops, snapping OMeeka selfies like it’s her job and even talking about how she demands to climax every time they smash….smh!  

This change of heart is so drastic but only Onika knows why…

It’s definitely something that makes me go HMMMM?

What do you think?

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