OMG Tomorrow The World Gains a Second & I’m Scurred!

It is time to start

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For the first time in couple years the world will be gaining an extra second. It’s called a “leap second” and it’s how humans re-adjust to the slowing of the Earth’s rotation. Yes the Earth is gradually slowing down and it happens sporadically, which is why we haven’t had a leap second since June of 2012 but back in the 90’s….from 1992-1998 to be exact, we had a leap almost every single year and in 1972 there were two leap seconds!

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Don’t get me started on my conspiracy theories…I will spare you but you have to admit, it does sound like some ol’ Matrix talk.

And how can we not worry about Mother Earth literally slowing her roll???

What’s the number to NASA? #ImScurred

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