The Secret Service has opened an investigation after a white substance, suspected to be cocaine, was found in the White House on Sunday, resulting in a brief evacuation of the grounds. President Joe Biden and his family were away at Camp David in Maryland when the substance was discovered. However, according to reports, it was […]

Iron Man is gone. Thor is hanging with The Guardians. So what’s next with Marvel. The Eternals is out! Shang Chi has added his powers. Disney is not playing with the MCU. We have at least 15 more stories to see on Disney+ and on the big screen. Ms. Marvel, Black Panther 2, Thor “Love […]

Everyone’s favorite holiday is upon us. Thanksgiving baby! And I know we all don’t know how to cook, so I got you! The big homie Gordon Ramsey got a great recipe for your big bird. pull out your pad and get ta jotting down. I can’t wait for you send us a plate to the […]

Today for the “AP Report” we talked about what irritates you as you get older. I guess we’re taking the place or our parents of how they felt about us growing up. What makes you mad now? What ticks you off? For me it’s people asking for requests LOL Click HERE if you’re mad!

Hey kids, I know you need money and Youth Works got you covered! If you know a young person between the ages of 14 and 21, make sure they log onto https://youthworks.oedworks.com/ for more info. GO GET THAT MONEY!!

Good Morning Ya’ll! Today we had a chance to talk to one of Hollywood’s rising stars Jermaine Fowler. You might know him as “Prince Lavell” from the number 1 movie in the world, “Coming 2 America.” But believe me, this guy has been around for years! Take a look at the new “Ruler of Zamunda.” […]

It seems like it was yesterday, but 1997 was a long time ago. On this day we lost the late great Christopher Wallace better known as “The Notorious B.I.G”. Me being a Hip Hop head, I don’t call him that. “Biggie” is his name to me. I wonder where his life would have been if […]

Even since the coronavirus started, I’ve been extra creative! I do games shows on Instagram and Facebook called, “In The House” “Beat The Music” and “Hey Stupid“. But once a month I do a Kitchen Koncert. The first time it was just me and my drummer John Lamkin. This time we added Craig on the […]

Listen, I watch Wild N Out every damn night! Can’t go to sleep til I’ve seen at least 5 episodes. So I thought I’d put up a new game they did with T.I.’s son King. It’s Called “It’s My Birthday“. Can’t wait to see them when they come back.

My next door neighbor saw me today with family and told me, “You need to see this Chop!” So of course I watched it. I almost spit on her phone! This old dude made a song for the world to see. It’s called “Stay the F*** At Home! It’s the best message for us all. […]

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