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Check out your love, sex and relationship questions from Tuesday’s show: 


Q)How can I get my girl more interested in having sex? She is fine with once a week and it is killing me.

A) Start with asking her what she wants sexually. Remove the things that take her mind away from sex. Finally, pursue some of her fantasies so that she will be more open to yours.


Q) He only texts me after hours. Is this a relationship?

A) No, you are an afterthought.


Q) I have not seen or spoken to my dad in 20 years. I am married with a new baby and I want what my husband has with our daughter. Should I reach out?

A) Absolutely! It is never too late to forge some sort of relationship with a parent. Be prepared for an adult relationship that may not be the daughter/ dad relationship you desire. A lot of time has passed and as long as you are open you can gain great insight from connecting.


Q) Is it safe 2 date a friend’s ex?

A) Nope. If possible let that situation pass you by. There will always be some sort of drama.


Q)New guy says he can only have sex when high.