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Thursdays are all about the Sex Session. DJ Kenny K has the DMV’s best slow jam mix and I have the quickie question of the night.

What is the best time to have sex?

  • Anytime … as long as the light is on
  • The only day I don’t have sex is Sunday. Gotta give God his…
  • Doesn’t matter! Anytime the kids are not around or sleep, we gotta be spontaneous!
  • It’s sex, anytime is good!
  • After an argument … you can really show how you feel about each other.
  • Preferably early morning. Anytime between 2-5 AM
  • Anytime except early morning.. Can’t do the morning breath thing
  • Friday night after work when we are both totally relaxed
  • Early morning! Helps get the day started and makes you look forward to seeing them later on that day!
  • I like nights it’s more chill
  • All Day … I am 45 and not slowing down.
  • Morning I had a good night sleep and I’m ready to Dig that well