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Ludacris, Prince Williams. Getty


Ludacris is going through it right now with the mom of his 1 year old child. Recently, the courts awarded him primary custody, but that was after lots of mud slinging between himself, his new wife and his child’s mom. When it comes to love drama, who is more at fault the baby mom, the new woman or the dude?

  • A lot of time it’s the baby momma cause she’s jealous cause the dude has moved on
  • I really can’t speak on it cause me and my Baby daddy are best friends
  • I think the dude, because he tells new chick one thing and tells baby mama something else which keeps confusion going
  • It’s up 2 all parties 2 b cordial. It should be about the child.
  • I think the guy causes a lot of the drama because he doesn’t set or abide by the boundaries
  • It is the new woman. He is often still dealing with both women & she just doesn’t know.
  • Baby Mommas always do too much because they are bitter!
  • He is the problem because he doesn’t put the women in their place. We each have a role to play.