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Warren Sapp. Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images


Warren Sapp is the latest celeb that has lost a job because he may have solicited a prostitute. I want to know from you …

Would you pay for the best sex ever?

  • Married or single all men pay for sex,,,in one form or another
  • Nope. Sex is sex but when it’s with someone you love and who loves u the same that makes it the best sex of your life.
  • If the girl is not cute, I won’t pay no matter how good it will be.
  • We all pay for it. When I need my weave redone I put it on my husband extra good.
  • I would pay for the guarantee. Luxury and good quality always has a price.
  • Don’t pay! Have your partner role play as a stranger at a bar and keep the money in the house!
  • People that say they wouldn’t pay are lying.
  • Paying for it is too easy & anything too easy is not worth having.