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Black Lives Matter

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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬.. There have been 96 murders in the city since the beginning of 2015. What can we do as a community to stop the violence in ‪#‎Baltimore‬?


Dominic Day Sr. There is nothing we can do, even if we get back out & patrol our streets like our parents & their parents, this new generation seems 2 have no regard 4 human life whether its N the shadows or broad daylight but we have 2 keep teaching the next generation a better way & pray alot

Nina TakingCharge Gm Dre.Curfew law and that’s all I have to say

Dorethea Stepney Taylor I’m not convinced the spike in violent crimes is completely the citizens. I think the police may be involved. They have a criminal element within the department. They will do anything to take the focus off them.

Tom Jackson Hate to disagree, but City Hall and the Police Department should get the blame. They get PAID to deal with these problems at the end of the day. Police are sworn in “to protect and serve” and politicians are sworn in “to help and serve the public”

Vonnie Fatz Long What should be done won’t because black ppl have turn the right thing to do into being called snitching. How so? Because we want safer streets for our kids, because we’re tired of burying love ones, because it is NOT for you to decide who live or die.

Helen Washington When WE decide to take back OUR community tremendous changes would occur. You already know how I feel about funding cuts to public schools. Good morning honey bun

Leslie Alston First, you have to go to God with a pure heart and right mind to pray, but the City needs to get these Body cameras and make the Police offers patrol the streets like they are paid to do. The Police Officers call themselves retaliating because Officer Mosley are charging the officers.

Charles Smith I Leslie Alston…I totally agree…prayer is definitely needed in covering the city of Baltimore. There’s definitely a spirit of oppression hovering over us. Half of these crime that are committed-someone knows something about. So we have to steer aw…See More

Renee A. Harris Morning to you sir. Going to take a brief minute to explain why commenters are saying it is a government issue. As a union person, I know a work slow down when I see one. We do the exact same thing just before contract expiration. This is what the po…See More

Gains Bond It starts at home!!!!

MrTerrence Teel For Starters… Nothing immediate..its a consistent process of educating the communities of the impacts of these crimes..their responsibility to be more vigilant. It starts at home your block your corner.. These killings as always are senseless..”Take it to the ring box it out”…How dare you take someones life….ijs

Gains Bond ppl keep saying THIS generation. Guess who’s had this generation. … People OUR age.

iamdjbunk March and protest again, take back our community’s fight for jobs and our lives, Also the lives of our future generations gm dre

jpslater1983 love more hate less

krash_coll Stop turning away Like we didn’t see or hear nothing

loyal_nik I don’t think its possible it’s happening all over the world people are sick they have to help themselves😔😔😔😔

marsmom_2 Come together as we did before, and allow our voices to be heard, and instead of rallying only when Police Officer’s are involved rally when lives are loss due to senseless violence. #Takebackourstreets

erybody_hates_crys I think it starts with education, when as people have no hope, no outlet, no faith, no self worth and feel like they have no future why and how would the ever value the lives of other when the feel their life had no value…. We must teach our people to prosper and thrives through our circumstances not just survive in our situations

foxytbaby_ Stop waiting for some Calvary to come into these neighborhoods and save us!!!!! Stop solving every problem with violence!!!! Stop minding our business when the safety of our neighborhoods and neighbors are our business!!!! Stop looking for excuses like “they should have put that money in the schools instead of jail!” Well if the school system didn’t pay damn near everyone at headquarters over 100k then they would have money for students!!! We have to get connected. Stop thinking that gun violence is acceptable and normal!!! #SafeStreets #StopShooting #StartLiving

tammyp2003 I agree get nosey. It could be your child being killed and someone pretends not to see. Is that justice? And lets say its your good son or daughter, the one graduating in June but not any more because someone took their life

von_ovawest I agree you can not blame the police city hall or the government blame the parents. When we stop letting the streets raise our children and we do change will happen.

beautyizmeh_22 This is da the world we live in damn shame ND @von_ovawest I totally agree


Baltimore County Residents Allowed to Report Crimes Online

Plans Approved To Build A $30 Million Jail To House ‪Baltimore‬ Teens




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