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Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Kicks Off AOL's 2nd Annual Monster Help Day During A Press Conference At The Sharp-Leadenhall Neighborhood

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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. #Baltimore has neglected to pick up trash in some neighborhoods for over 2 weeks, causing tremendous pile ups. Who’s at fault, the city or the recent winter storms? #92qjams @92qjamsbmore


living_lovin13 The Winter storm played a part but overall THE CITY FLAT OUT!! They never wanna take the blame … Just like these potholes with that cheap black top instead of better stuff to do the street with!but ima get mines Caz they hate lawsuits… GM @drejohnson1

f**witme_lee It’s the cities fault. I’ve seen trash piled up like this before the storm came. They wasn’t cleaning it up then and not doing it now.

djbunk1058 Gm @drejohnson1 I just moved to the area, aka down the hill, as east bmore call it, well I’m two blocks from Patterson park and its a mess, I’m from west Bmore and I’ve never seen anything like this, but my ally isn’t bad, others are packed with trash, if a fire 🔥 start, people would have to run over trash and rats, miss mayor get it on your job

babygirl7275 The city is at fault. They obviously didn’t have a backup plan & they should. There’s enough rats running around & it makes our neighborhood look a hot mess!

bmoreliketiff There’s no excuse!!! My trash has been collected every week….. how do you skip some blocks for weeks and hit other’s every week?! I would be livid if that were my block….. I’m sure SRB didn’t mention this at her State of the City address….

doggish1zprez Bring Sheila back

gpc_life I’m sure the mayors trash was picked up #justsaying

bmoreliketiff FYI I blaming the city!!!

1sickcharger it’s the Mayors fault aka Rawlings but she wanna be talking about running for senate #HavePlentyOfSeats #Early @drejohnson1 what up bro

londynn_bridge The city of course , there is no excuse for that!!

dynamic511 I don’t understand why on Tuesday they were out at 7 PM picking up recycle instead of just getting regular trash. They use to have make up days.

nicholas_mommi The snow been gone for a few days now… Don’t worry, I’ll wait. I bet if trash started to show up downtown, it’ll get cleaned up.

djwylout Our neighborhoods were trained to give up on being clean.

lastofadieingbreed69 It’s both. I understand that at the times of the winter weather they were unable to get through streets and alleys. However when the snow and ice cleared the city should have been willing to pay Overtime to get the streets clear of trash and they didn’t want to pay their employees.

djwylout @drejohnson1 cant change the mentality of the people because we support the negatives to keep our image. Nobody has pushed clean neighborhoods since Kurk Schmoke

flowsuniquely4u We should move the trash in front of the mayors house and see how she enjoys it. I promise you things would get done faster

murkskyhigh The city. It hasn’t snowed in a week. #excuses. @drejohnson1

waynedaasshole We need to go back to pick up trash twice a week. It’s not the weather. When I look out my bathroom window I see a pile much higher and wider then that. I lived in the same house for 3 years. The cats are ripping the bags open to eat out them.

_kelz4president Stephanie!!!!! Aka lipgloss…do your damn job…say what you want bout Sheila she kept the streets clear of snow and trash…im starting a petition to get her back like Marion Barry

 Helen Washington Can we really fault a storm? We work extra hard to get CAUGHT up!! Every other profession, business, entity has had to do it. Why should trash collection be any different? Especially since it’s going to cause additional problems!!

Toiya Best 2 weeks is absolutely ridiculous, that’s the city’s fault. I bet if Sheila was in office that trash would have been picked up!!!! Gm Dre!!!!!

Marleeta Morris I second that!

Vonnie Fatz Long The city because after the storm they should have came and pick up the trash. No excuses they use to many these days.

Toiya Best I live in the county but my zip is still 21215 and when the storms came if it was too bad on that Thursday to get trash they would either come that Friday or even Saturday but not two darn weeks later…..smh

Kevin Boardley I live in Essex Maryland my trash day is every Tuesday in came the same day.

Tee Denton The city and the storm. And that is nasty. Btw, gm Dre

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden While we cannot control Mother Nature, I stay in Dundalk and the trash was picked up sooo yea the city is partly at fault. Baltimore smdh

Tyra Foster I fault the city they shouldn’t have taken one of our trash days away.

Cj Nickens Nature does not discriminate, people do. If trash is collected anywhere with the City’s domain, then it should be collected everywhere. We are a technologically advance society that is not exactly taken by surprise when a storm rolls in.

Crystal Waters The city of course. No one can stop mother nature but it’s the city’s duty to make use of tax payer services. They could have easily told citizens to put their trash out front on the curb to make it more accessible since many alleyways were not accessible. did not make any attempt they just plain lazy or the park.

Simon Simon Mayor Lipgloss fault. Her trash is picked up from the around the Sinai area of why not everyone else’s.

Fatima Randolph The weather should not at all be faulted for the City not picking up trash. The whole state of Maryland had bad weather but are other counties having trash pick up problems? No, absolutely not. The mayor is to blame for this. She has been thee worse mayor ever in Baltimore and its time for a change.

James Davis The city with a little hard work the trash could have been picked up no problem just like in other areas of the city if you know what I mean.


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