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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Baltimore makes a national list as one of the most dangerous cities for pedestrians. What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #tuesday



Cj Nickens Drive At least my car has airbags and seat belts. Just kidding but I am not surprised considering the amount of unlicensed drivers, congested streets, and ton of obstructions on the streets blocking driver’s view.

Keisha Henson I concur, people don’t care about people here period so they def don’t care if they hit someone. I e heard people say they would run someone over if they didn’t get out the street Smh but it’s my bday yayyyyy 38 feels GREAT!!!! Lol gm Dre

Dynamic511 ‏@dynamic511 @DreJohnson1 people here don’t know how to cross the street. They think they always have the right of way. Even if they wrong.

T. Rod ‏@RolexRod @DreJohnson1 lots of jaywalkin here. Altho I witnessed a group of peds on sidewalk get wiped out by car at Light n Pratt. 2 injured badly.

larri alston ‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Drive offensively, stop distracted driving/texting/loud music playing*Wave at birds instead of flipping 4 a calmer commute;) GM

westside_mugz Sad But True

rashawn85 Im not surprised people in this city cant drive for ish

the_resume_king Put a strip of grass between the streets and sidewalks.

lilzumbamami The drivers r crazy but the pedestrians r just as bad….

krisnbobby People can’t walk or drive in Baltimore. So it’s not a surprise.

1sickmopar “Knees to chest Mitches” lol pedestrians need to learn to use the sidewalk and stop walking in the streets @drejohnson1 #early

kloud10muzik I believe it. Especially in front of Lexington Market where people have absolutely NO REGARD for traffic. They’ll just walk into the street.

mrs_wanda_jenkinsI believe it. The dumb ass bike lanes and Fleet and Central plus Fleet and Exeter by Whole Food’s. Oh yeah I believe it

victorys1secret U got the dirt bike kids which have no respect and ppl who act like they don’t need to walk in the cross walk….or vice versa drivers that have regard proper crossing areas

victorys1secret* no regard.

errnest77 The way the cars come over the bridge between at lombard between Haven & Kresson . They go airbourne

desi4018 It’s the old Jews on Reisterstown rd and the thots driving the crown vics you gotta watch out for.

virgo_butterfli I believe it. Pedestrians think they can just walk in the street and you are supposed to stop. Especially downtown.

clint_trustmyself83 Ppl tryna get paid @drejohnson1 I ain’t stupid I be like take ya time

bosslady_msleah Ppl need to learn how to drive if im in the street u think im goin to stop walkin cause a car comin no pedestrian first

Artise ‏@Artise1 @RolexRod @DreJohnson1 I don’t think no one knows what a sidewalk is.



Baltimore City Council Approves A Tough Curfew For Kids







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