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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. A new curfew keeping kids of the streets by 9pm was approved yesterday by the City Council. What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #maryland #bmore #tuesday

Chereese Barrett I think it’s great because anything pass that time is nothing but trouble and they should be in the house like the old school way street lights come on you come in the house no if ands or buts about it.

Latia Davis I think it’s a great idea at least we know where they’re at and that they are safe

Chereese Barrett It’s 9 o’clock do you know where your child/children are at?

Tanisha Perry Teens Are Gonna Have More Fines Than Enough, Especially If They Have Parents That Are “Out There” I Just Don’t Think It’ll Work!!

Billy Simms This Just gives police a chance to chase our youth through the hood this summer. Training the kids to be grown criminals by introducing them to the process. Curfews should be set by parents, not the city council!

MsAlphaqueen Thomas I think it will help with keeping our children safe especially around this time of year !!!

Anthony Baker They shouldn’t have ever took it away from years ago.

Brooklyn Brooks-Harlee This is indeed a MUST! With all these children raising children & ratchet parents who just don’t care what their child or children are out here doin….somebody has got 2 put their foot down and look out for our children. its crazy out here!

Simon Simon Curfew should be when I was younger. When the street lights come on your ass better me the house or on your way in.

Terra Davis Johnson ‏@loveteefirst @DreJohnson1 I think it’s a great idea. Someone has to step up and be the authority, when the parents refuse.

Dumb Fresh Radio ‏@MrDumbfresh @DreJohnson1 it can cause more issues of rounding up the kids and police are going be under manned and out numbered, wasting our resources

Dynamic511 ‏@dynamic511 @DreJohnson1 it would be good if they enforce it.

Completely Complete ‏@Viva_La_Fitzy @DreJohnson1 nothing is going to change, unless the parents enforce it as well.

cancerjess69 It should be 8!!! There’s no need for them babies to be out there period!!! Go in at a good time get a good rest for school!!!

grandman1126 I think a curfew is a GOOD look… I’m not sure too many parents are gonna help to enforce it… MOMMA works at night…

taryn_iamhair They do this all the time,parents don’t enforce that law..so the kids don’t. BCPD needs to set examples with fines or something

blizz40 It’s a good idea but didn’t we try this before and it didn’t work? What’s the she bracket?

lilcupcake86 It’s absolutely great! Hopefully it will force some people to actually be parents.

kennyfornia_ Yes, it’s about time. I’m a proud parent who’s live in Perry Hall and I still don’t want my child outside playing after 6:30. It’s dinner time. 9:00 every child over 18 should be in the house getting ready for school. @drejohnson1

kennyfornia_ I meant under the age of 18. @drejohnson1

oh_so_u_mad_12 School in the morning???If it’s weekend I would have no comment but…no

kuppykake1965 They need to be in the house, after 10pm, there’s Nothing for them to get into but trouble, #bring back the #rec centers plzzzzz!!!

permbethel Curfews are only as good as the parents/guardians who enforce them. Set good examples for your kids. If they are in the house with you smoking, drinking, drama and stuff then they are better off outside


bad_meaning_good109 On a school night???? My kids are in bed by 9pm. What time are people feeding their children dinner???? Yes yes and yes again!

daveth3king I think it is great that they want to keep these kids off the street and out of trouble, but where are the parents in all this? When I was a kid I was asleep by 9pm!

sweethunni84 Kids need to be in the house…there’s no way a child should be outside after dark w/o an adult! My child is in bed by 9:30 and parents need to be more responsible in raising their kids

new_mrs_sweet_kisses About Time!

mia_cpa2014 Gm Dre! I think the curfew is perfect, this is one way to keep an eye on our children and also with this curfew in affect we no our children will be safe! Most of us remember when that street light came on, we knew what time it was or else.

simplyjdb It’s a shame the city has to enforce what the parents should’ve instilled in their kids. #InWhenTheStreetLikesCameOn #80s Baby

bee_jay_79 As with anything involving our children. It’s up to the parents to enforce it. The parents should receive some kind of fine for infractions.


larri alston ‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Have 2 keep these children safe from themselves/each other so they can have a chance in life instead of being a statistic! GM:)

Marcus Ah Simpkins If conditions would change in our neighborhoods the city wouldn’t have to do this. White kids play outside no prob because it’s safe.. N the brother is right it’s a setup they keep pushing to build more juvenile jails instead of pushing funds toward ed.

Timdog Adkins Good luck with that these kids off the chain I see more little girls than boys walking the streets at night

Matthew E. Bradby II ‏@BishopMEB2 @DreJohnson1 I agree…parents should set curfews but they dont. There have been curfew laws for years but haven’t been enforced.

Cook-e Brown Yes because too many kids are getting hurt by other people or risking themselves outside at night. At the same time I agree that the city council putting in writing won’t help its up to parents to keep their children in safety and out of harms way. What could you possibly need or want after 9 anyway being under 18 from outside?Not a thing

Krystal Smith Yea but the way these parents are set up…..

Dreadz Doesit Good I thought they already had a curfew in effect!

Cj Nickens It’s is City Council’s way of saying that parenting has failed. We are putting the government in a position were they are responsible for our kids and ultimately them as adults as they get arrested for a myriad of infractions.



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