Harvard University, the nation’s oldest and wealthiest college with an endowment of over $50 billion, will partner with HBCUs and implement other strategies to try to make amends for their involvement in slavery.


Republican Oklahoma state Rep. Jim Olsen has filed House Bill 2988, which would prohibit teaching "that one race is the unique oppressor" or "another race is the unique victim in the institution of slavery.”

Well looks like Boosie wants to take his knowledge to new levels by announcing via Instagram that he will be attending Jackson State University, in Jackson, Mississippi in the Spring of 2022. In a minute long video he explained, “missing the feeling of being normal” and “hopes to gain that experience by becoming a student, […]

The school board of Cherry Hill is the first in New Jersey to require students to take African American history in order to graduate. According to Phillyvoice, the school board approved this move as student had long lobbied for the course to become mandatory. Until now, the Cherry Hill School District offered African American studies […]

A Utah Charter school sent a letter home to all parents of the students giving the options to opt-out of Black History Month activities. The director of Maria Montessori Academy, Micah Hirokawa, posted on the school’s Facebook page that he sent a letter home to parents about the option to opt-out of Black History Month […]

Baltimore County Public School announced they are preparing to bring students back to school beginning March 1. On Monday, School Officials released a timeline that calls for a hybrid learning model of both in-person and online instruction for several categories of students. Parents will have a choice of whether to send their children back or […]

On Tuesday, Baltimore City Public School leaders said the system is planning to reopen more elementary schools for in-person learning despite the spike in COVID-19 cases. “We are expanding our in-person offering to include kindergarten through fifth grade students starting in mid-February,” said CEO Sonja Santelises, adding that more specifics of the plan will be […]

Baltimore City Schools will lay-off 450 temporary employees and freeze hiring in an attempt to reduce a $21 million budget gap. The positions include many full-time employees in schools, including some teachers and teacher aides who help instruct classes will be affected by these layoffs. City Schools CEO Sonja Santelises said she is taking the […]