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I can agree with most people when they say they’re not inspired or motivated to do more at their jobs. It’s like management takes your ideas and run them in the ground and you get no credit for it! Or, it’s like no one pays any attention to your hard work and efforts that you put in for the best interest of the company. Not many people in management think about the desires of their employees. At the end of the day…it’s business! Management, to some people, don’t really (or aren’t supposed to) care about the feelings of their employees.

What management doesn’t know if when you take away the motivation and creativity from their employees, it affects the product and the consumer’s want to continue a relationship with the company and their favorite employee.

Even I feel deflated when wanting to share my ideas with the company. Unfortunately, when I refrain from sharing, it affects my audience. So what do I do?


Keep Things in Perspective

List the reasons you entered the field you are in and when times are tough remind yourself of why you do the work you do. Also remind yourself that work is work and that you have a life outside of work to look forward to, enjoy and make a difference in.

Ride the Wave of your Successes

Success is very stimulating. Work hard enough to achieve successful results and see how motivated you are to achieve further successes as you excel in your performance. Work hard, aim to overachieve your goals and ride the momentum of each success to achieve further successes. Remind yourself that once your vision is clear and you have a set of well-defined, reasonable objectives and milestones to reach, the secret of success is hard work, creativity and perseverance.


For more ways to staying super motivated at work, click here.


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