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The most common circles of domestic violence are in the intimate family circle. The only question that remains the same in all of us when our loved ones or people we don’t even know, suffer from domestic violence: Why didn’t you leave?

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Why don’t men leave relationships that are supposedly so unsatisfactory to them?

If we listen to men who abuse their wives, what we hear is how terribly inadequate these women are for the men. At the same time, we know that abusive men are tremendously dependent on their partners. Fear of rejection, emotional withdrawal, and/or abandonment are major factors that actually cause these men to be violent. Men who batter women are often psychologically incapable of leaving the relationship.

Why don’t women leave abusive relationships?

Leaving a relationship, no matter how abusive, is never easy. Women who leave relationships often have to opt for living in poverty. That’s a very difficult choice to make. There are many social, cultural factors that contribute to encouraging women to stay and try and make the situation work. Often, violence is a familiar pattern for the woman, as well as the man. In addition, women often love the men who abuse them, or at least love them initially. Men who batter are not 100 percent hateful, but they can be loving and attentive partners at times. Some women remain emotionally and/or economically dependent on the batterer despite the fact that she faces continued abuse if she stays with him. Women are at highest risk of injury or violence when they are separating from or divorcing a partner. Women can be very intimidated by a partner and the consequences of her leaving. It takes a long time for a woman to give up hope in a relationship and to recognize that the only way she can be safe is to leave him.




This Monday, Tau Eta Zeta of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, will be hosting a domestic violence awareness event titled Life After Domestic Violence, at the American Brewery, 1701 N. Gay Street in Baltimore from 6P to 9P. The event is absolutely FREE and open to the public. We will be discussing the signs of domestic violence and providing information about resources that are available for victims who are willing to become SURVIVORS!

The House of Ruth will be on hand to distribute information as well as collect full size women’s toiletries and new/slightly worn handbags.

The will also be a Life After video presentation from families and friends who survived domestic violence and who didnt’ but were willing to share their stories about their life after. Please join me and the ladies of Tau Eta Zeta chapter this coming Monday!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at kikibrown92Q@gmail.com!

We have to stop domestic violence and focus on the LIFE AFTER!

Local shelters:

House Of Ruth

Marian House

Women Accepting Responsibility

The Hotline.org

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