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Jennifer Lacy (photo left), Chamique Holdsclaw (photo right)

Chamique Holdsclaw, one of the top WNBA legends, is now wanted in the state of Georgia after attempting to kill her ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lacy.  Lacy, who recently broke off her relationship with Holdsclaw, noticed she was being followed after leaving a practice. Lacy was scared and called a friend to meet her nearby. Once she parked, Holdsclaw approached her car with a baseball bat and busted out her windows. Holdsclaw then pulled out a firearm, stuck the gun inside of the car and fired a shot while Lacy was in the vehicle. Holdsclaw then immediately fled the scene.

Holdsclaw has repeatedly tried to contact Lacy after the attack but Lacy is too afraid to respond and wants her ex to get psychiatric help. Lacy is a WNBA forward for the Tulsa Shock. Holdsclaw retired from the league in 2010. Check out the pics from the crime scene below, obtained by TMZ.

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