crime scene

I’m not sure about you but when we hear about murders in our city, it’s concerning. When you hear about children being killed, that is just heart-breaking. I can remember at one time when it came to street business, women and children were off the table. It seems the last couple of years, no one […]

There are so many crazy twists and turns that have began to emerge in the story regarding the tragic death of a 2 year-old boy.  The boy named “Ty” was taken off of life support Friday after being brutally beaten by his mother’s boyfriend, Joseph Robert Patterson.  Patterson made a call to 911 on Wednesday […]

Jennifer Lacy (photo left), Chamique Holdsclaw (photo right) Chamique Holdsclaw, one of the top WNBA legends, is now wanted in the state of Georgia after attempting to kill her ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lacy.  Lacy, who recently broke off her relationship with Holdsclaw, noticed she was being followed after leaving a practice. Lacy was scared and called […]