Orlando, Orlando, Orlando. The world is not sure if drugs are at play when it comes to Orlando Brown‘s antics, or if he’s just an actor playing a character for a little attention. His latest bizarre moment didn’t really seem like acting. The That’s So Raven star took to Instagram on Thursday to live stream […]

A few weeks ago, Nick Cannon was rumored to have a baby on the way from an ex-girlfriend. Well, he confirmed those rumors to be true. Brittany Bell, who also happens to be former Miss Arizona USA, announced her pregnancy proudly via Instagram. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Nick announced the news in an interview […]

The internet is buzzing with discussion about R. Kelly‘s new girlfriend- a 19 year old. Allegedly the pair were reportedly introduced to each other when she was 16, when the girl’s mother took her to R. Kelly’s concert. The 49-year-old R&B singer’s age would cause anyone to raise some questions already, but given R. Kelly’s […]

According to reports, the self-proclaimed King of R&B is in love with a young woman named Halle Calhoun, who is 30 years his junior.

A few months we found out that Andre 3000 was in a relationship, and now, it looks like the Outkast rapper may be getting married.

Russell Simmons has always been a man of class who appreciates the finer things.

The Weekend has a young girlfriend but it doesn’t seem to be a problem because everybody knew but us. His music is great but it sound like he has issues from the lyrics in some of the songs. I will say that he has good taste because his GF is beautiful with no makeup but […]

Nicki Minaj always has something up her sleeve, and this time, she’s accomplishing pleasing her fans with a tour and a new television special at…

It’s unclear why exactly Tyrese and his live-in girlfriend broke up, but in a recent interview he did mention his embarrassment for not treating her right.  In a plea to get his ex back, the R&B crooner does mention his options aka random Thots and how they don’t fill the void in his life….lol. Well you […]

Meek Mill just gave the ultimate clap back to Joe Budden’s recent hateful comments, which is success! His album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, will enter the Billboard charts at number #1, selling over 200,000 copies. This is his first album to dominate at number one on the billboard but folks are not surprised…well except […]

Rapper Joe Budden is back in the news with his latest old flame.  His newest girlfriend didn’t last very long and recently became his ex.  However, it looks like their breakup is BEYOND messy.  The woman claims Joey beat her up “Rihanna style” and has the photos to prove it. Apparently, Joey got irate over […]