attempted murder

In a sudden update, we've learned that the rapper, whose real name is Roland Collins, has been freed. According to reports he's out on a $500,000 bond that was secured by his mother's home in Brooklyn.

You may have heard by now about the pair of Georgia sons who carried out a full attempt to murder their parents in their home…

Now you know the end of the world is near, when you have an esteemed position to be and Aide to work for President Obama, and you risk it all to kill your bae.  Ok, so here is the dealy YO.  Barvetta Singletary tried to shoot her COP boyfriend with his Glock 23 service weapon, […]

32 year-old Ebony Wilkerson claims that abuse by the hands of her husband of 14 years drove her to a breaking point.  She was convinced that people were following her.  She packed up her truck and attempted to drive her three screaming children into the ocean to take them to a ‘better place.’ Watch the […]

  Flow, an emerging artist out of the N.O. who had become a protege of  Lil Wayne was busted late last week according to the…

Jennifer Lacy (photo left), Chamique Holdsclaw (photo right) Chamique Holdsclaw, one of the top WNBA legends, is now wanted in the state of Georgia after attempting to kill her ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lacy.  Lacy, who recently broke off her relationship with Holdsclaw, noticed she was being followed after leaving a practice. Lacy was scared and called […]

Via Fox 45 Baltimore Baltimore honor student, Tiarra Brown, missed her high school graduation after serving four days in jail due to a wrongful arrest.  After authorities became aware of their mistake, Brown was granted a personal graduation ceremony and will be honored by the school board.  Continue reading full story on Tiarra Brown. Related Post What Would I […]