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Eating late at night? Stressed out? Relationship troubles? These are just a few reasons why you are suddenly packing on the pounds. Listening to Toni Braxton’s “Secrets” album and smashing a gallon of butter pecan ice cream isn’t the way to go about solving your problems. Nor is it a way to lose weight!

Please know that I’m not judging you because I’m in the same boat! Check this list to see if this is what’s causing your weight gain! Then make an appointment to join a gym and start eating healthy!



Women are required to gain weight during pregnancy. However, many women consume too many calories when they are expecting. Guided by the idea of “eating for two,” many women overeat and gain more weight than is recommended by the medical community. A healthy woman with an average body weight should eat an extra 300 calories.


Not Eating Enough

Studies indicate that more than 50% of the population of American women are dieting at any given time. Yet, the quest to lose weight often can do more harm than good. A reason why many women gain weight is because they don’t eat enough. When you aren’t consuming enough food, the metabolism slows down and the body begins to store fat.


Too Much Stress

The demands of having a career and managing a family may cause many women to pack on the pounds. Stress causes the body go into crisis mode. As a result, the body begins to slow down and store fat.


 Lack of Sleep

When you’re sleep deprived, your body can’t work to its best ability. The body’s reacts to a lack of sleep by storing fat.

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