President Trump shocked the world when he suggested that the U.S military would be used to disperse protests. Here's what the 'Insurrection Act of 1807' means.


MTV will bring in their new documentary division with two films focusing on the lives of people in the Washington, D.C. and St. Louis areas. The film 17 Blocks,” will recount around 20 years in the life of a black family living the shade of the White House. The Doc features Cheryl Sanford and her […]


Anwan Glover, better known to many as Slim Charles from The Wire, has been arrested on firearms charges. The actor and go-go band member (BackYard Band) is claiming bullsh*t, though. According to TMZ, Glover got popped riding dirty in Washington, DC and has been sitting in jail for over a week. The veteran TV and […]

The man that threatened to kill students at Howard University will have time to think about his mistake. John Edgar Rust was arrested Wednesday for his threat to kill students at Howard University! He was away in college at Missouri University when he first thought about it so he came back home to Maryland. John […]

Plus, President Obama lifts limits on Cuban cigars and rum and the U.S. bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from all airplanes.

It’s safe to say that Drake has taken the art of hip-hop beef to another level. The Toronto rapper reminded the world that his issues with Meek…

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Where were you on 9/11? ‪#‎september11‬ Rashawn Shakur Thompson In Spanish class 11th grade up Mervo Ki Brown On the radio (in Pittsburgh) and I couldn’t leave the studio. My son was in daycare miles away and I was so scared! Had to stop the music for news and it was a crazy […]

There was breaking news about a shooting at the US Capital. This as many people are traveling to Washington, DC for various attractions. Here is what is being reported: WASHINGTON (AP) — Police report shots fired on the west front of the Capitol in Washington and say the building has been locked down as a […]

92Q listeners traveled to Washington, DC to chat it up with their favorite stars from the hit television show Empire (FOX) and after a long wait, the event was enjoyed by all! We love Jamal (Jussie Smollett) and Hakeem (Yazz) Special thanks to the 92Q promotions and programming staff for putting it all together. Sorry […]

Washington, DC residents are mourning the loss of a great man, former DC Mayor (for life) Marion Barry, who passed away at the age of 78 last week. Click the link to watch funeral services as they happen now: SOURCE   You may also want to read:   Mary J. Blige Talks Domestic Abuse In […]

On this day in 1964 an amazing woman named Michelle was born.  She started her life in the south side of Chicago.  The daughter of a home maker and utility worker studied her way into Princeton and then Harvard Law.  Michelle then landed a job at a Chicago law firm, where she met her future […]

There has been a major shift in the country and specifically in DC.  A recent poll shows that a majority of Dc residents now support the recreational use of Mary Jane.   The poll numbers came on the same day that a committee of DC lawmakers voted unanimously to begin to loosen DC marijuana laws […]