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September 11 Retrospective

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Where were you on 9/11? ‪#‎september11‬


Rashawn Shakur Thompson In Spanish class 11th grade up Mervo

Ki Brown On the radio (in Pittsburgh) and I couldn’t leave the studio. My son was in daycare miles away and I was so scared! Had to stop the music for news and it was a crazy month following that event.

Robin Akinwale I was in the dorms at college when my roommate’s friend banged on our door to wake us up. She ran in and turned on the tv just as the second plane hit. We couldn’t believe our eyes. It looked like a scene in Independence Day. My roommate frantically tr…See More

Keisha Henson I just flew in from Miami late Sept 10th. I think about how bad it would have been if I stayed one more day smh

whthershey209 Senior year of high school. Sitting in home room at parkville high

gemini_sista I was at work in disbelief as i watched 📺 that’s why I believe POTUS is making a huge mistake by allowing the Refugees to enter the US!!

verybluntmo I was at school 10th grade.

dre0385 Good o’l Woodlawn high school 11th grade.

brucemanors_kuntry I was going into second period and my teacher had it on the tv and we watched how the second plane hit the building smh #DouglassVsEverybody

jpslater1983 Man I was in the 9th grade we was in gym class hooping.

luvmesomekenny I was on the roof of my job at Bowery Residence Committee watching the people jump from the first building, then watched that 2nd damn plane hit. Was completely shocked. My job helped everyone who was running for shelter, needing water and using the bathroom to remove the dust from their faces. So sad may they all S.I.P!!

delynn67 Sitting at my desk watching it play out over & over again on the news as I was praying. Had to leave work to pick my son up from school.

successful_tony I was in school in the 4th grade we was about to go to gym class than suddenly all the kids parents was taking their kids home early in didn’t know what was going on when my mom picked me up she explained to me what was going on and I saw the 2nd plan hit on the news.

misunderstood_tatted Middle school

ka_mani_ 3rd grade at alexander Hamilton elementary school

fonzo820 10th grade at Woodlawn

djtwisted3000 Working at Inner City Records. Watching it on TV and selling Jay Z album that dropped that day

yoollllaaaannn I was working at metro one telecommunications 411 for cell phones users. Our call lines lite up everyone was calling no one could get connected in new york. We saw snipers on the roof across the street from building, it was chaos and very scary…

blizz40 Walking across Martin Luther King Blvd on my way to the state blding with coworkers. Got the text from supervisor to come back to the work site because terrorist have attacked. All I could think about was my 3 month old at that moment.

bchennelle I was at work in a downtown state office building on the 20th floor. Some of my co- workers were calling their family members in NY. Some of us was in shock. I left work to get my daughter from school. It was so scary not knowing if the terrorists was in Md. My heart goes to all the families that have lost someone in 9-11.

Adriann Nichole Anderson I was @ work in the operating room with a patient on the table. The radio was playing and the announcement came in when the 1st plane hit & we were like aaaw man that’s horrible but when the 2nd plane it we knew that this was a coincidence at all! Such a sad day! We were on high alert and couldn’t go home but nobody cared! N u know when it’s time to get off ppl b running….not that day. So sad still!

DjBunk Dodson Walking with my mom around Druid hill park reservoir, I remember having on my walk-man on, I was listening to 92Q and mark Clark from the big phat morning show broke the news, it’s was crazy, I was about 19 when it happened

Mustafa Askia I was at work in Boston..I remember having to evacuate the building and go home..the news coverage was crazy


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