It’s no secret that R&B superstar, Usher, has been in the media for the last couple of weeks, but not for any music that he’s promoting. Instead, his name has been tied to allegedly giving at least four people Herpes. While one of the accusers have spoke out about the incident, Ursh has remained silent. […]

Well I’d be damn…….!!! What’s going on with Black Men right now? Mike Vick talking coonish……AND NOW THIS!!! First of all, its alleged that you boy U-S…HER is out here handing out diseases. Its reported that he gave herpes to his girlfriend’s BFF….and she was a bridemaid at their wedding!!!! DAMN SON! He went hard……(in […]

Watch POTUS hilariously pop it with Usher and Janelle Monáe at "BET’s Love and Happiness: A Musical Experience" event.

Babyyyyyy it is officially  Thirsty Thursday! My bae Usher Raymond is all about stealing your girl today, he hopped on SnapChat and shared a sweaty photo with lots of skin…..   Follow me on Twitter||Instagram||Facebook @PersiaNicole

Hollywood Ex’s ATL is shaping up to be a drama filled show. With Kevin Hart’s ex wife Torrei spilling tea and Tameka Raymond speaking on regrets; I bet people will be glued to the TV. Check out the clip below of Torrei and her drama alongside Tameka Raymond speaking on what drove Usher away.   KEVIN […]

  Usher lets us know he’s been around the world and kissed a lot of girls in his new single “Good Kisser.” After his last…

A Georgia man was found guilty in the death of Tameka Raymond’s son, Kile Glover, resulting from a jet ski accident. The boy was placed on life support for a few days before being declared dead by doctors in a Georgia hospital. Raymond, ex-wife of Usher Raymond, started a foundation titled “Kile’s World Foundation” which […]

Tameka Raymond is determined to not only set the record straight but to get her kids back. Check out her interview on Good Morning America below! What do you think? Usher’s Son Cinco…Released From The Hospital Tameka Raymond Back In Court For Custody *** CHECK OUT THE LATE SHOW W/DJ ANGELBABY M-F 2A-6A & ON […]


In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight Tameka Raymond tells her side of the story on how marriage between her and Usher went sour. In the video Tameka recounts the story of Usher in regards of being faithful and actually how many of her bridesmaids did he actually sleep with. **FOLLOW AJ @AJSHOWTIME AND ANGELBABY […]

One time, shame on you! Second time…shame on me! You think this is what Tameka Foster-Raymond is saying now that her second attempt to fight the custody judgement that awarded her ex-husband, grammy award winner and R&B superstar Usher Raymond when she demanded a second chance at primary custody.   A judge decided that the […]

Never thought I’d see this side of Usher Raymond before. But you can’t always believe what you see on TV and read on blogs (well except this one, cause it’s from a credible source) Seems as though Usher’s ex-wife/baby muvah Tameka Foster, pushed too many buttons and Usher’s had enough! Reports are saying that Usher […]