Is it true that you teach people how to treat you? We all deal with difficult, sometime even toxic, people. It can take a toll…

I think making a sex tape is the most disgusting thing you can do to yourself, partner, family, co-workers, job, friends, church family….must I go on? Regardless if the INTENTION is to keep it at home, locked away under lock & key, and guarded by an attack dog, something’s bound to come to lights…camera…action! The […]

Our studio just had a few equipment makeovers; allowing our work loads to be more efficient and cost effective for the company. I’m sure this has happened at your job and I’m also sure you weren’t too open to the change, right? Change is GOOD….just not in the beginning! Why is change good? Without change, […]

  LaDawn Black started something when she posed the question last night on her show about the importance or maybe the difference behind a man “trimming his hedges”  or “manscaping”. It got me to thinking, there are many men and women who don’t take the necessary steps at keeping their sexy. Maybe trimming your bikini […]

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’re still not ready for your child’s prom. Yeah, I’m in heavy prayer with the Lord to help me get this together FAST!   Need some help getting ready for prom? Follow these tips: Start dress shopping three months in advance. Start going through magazines and making lists of […]

I hate being sick! I take at least 8 to 10 vitamins a day and try to wash my hands as much as I can. I guess there’s no stopping the common cold. Doesn’t matter where it comes from, you’re bound to catch it sooner or later. If you have something important coming up, and […]

The biggest issue in the workplace that can possibly cause the decline in morale or create a tense environment could be lack of communication! It happens everywhere! Even here at the radio station..and we’re in the COMMUNICATIONS BUSINESS!!! Isn’t it frustrating when your boss asks you a question and you have no freaggin clue what […]

Today’s Motivational Minute:   Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize! Sometimes we just need that PUSH to keep us movin! We need that positive reinforcement to increase our momentum and productivity. Simply saying “good job!” can mean so much! What helps me stay focused? These tips: Others Relying […]

  Do you know what autism is?  Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development   How do I know my child is autistic? Social Challenges Repetitive Behaviors Communication Difficulties Associated Medical Conditions   How can I get help?  Each child or adult with autism is […]

Ever wonder why you’re always called into the office or you’re always getting the side-eye from your co-workers? You may want to pay close attention to what you’re doing! This may cause you your job! Uh oh!   Bad Habit #1: You dial from speakerphone. Bad Habit #2: You’re on your BlackBerry or iPhone during […]

Are you having a tough time searching for college scholarships?  Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. Here are some quick tips to grab money that is available for you.  Each year, millions of dollars in scholarship money goes unclaimed.  Get your share, America! (lol) 1. Colleges look for well-rounded students.  Being a straight ‘A’ […]

I’m sure you had a trying week like I did and today seems to be moving extra slooooooowwww! Not sure if it’s the rain, but OMG! Can this day end already??? What can we do to make this time go by faster? Try these tips:   AT HOME (or outside the office): Stop watching the […]