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work-stressToday’s Motivational Minute:


Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize! Sometimes we just need that PUSH to keep us movin! We need that positive reinforcement to increase our momentum and productivity. Simply saying “good job!” can mean so much!

What helps me stay focused? These tips:

Others Relying on You

Encouragement and Support from Others

Mistakes (not thinking about them) 



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Ki Ki Brown



upset-doctor My career goals and aspirations have changed significantly over the years. While matriculating through elementary and middle school, I wanted to be a news broadcaster and a ballerina. In high school, I wanted to be an entrepreneur and business woman, yet, I had no idea which industries interested me at that time. Once I reached college, I realized that I had no interest in finance and/or accounting; I just wanted to be an attorney at the end of the day.

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Fast forward to present day and I am still figuring out what motivates me in my career pursuits and goals I set for myself each year. One year, I wanted to work for a mid-sized law firm, collect a pay check every two weeks, watch my 401-k grow and enjoy the experiences that new litigation matters came with…

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