Over the last few years it’s seems to become more popular to be the side chick instead of being a wife. Well a local pastor believes that through his own infidelity mistakes and lessons through his ministry he has the answers to the thoughts and lifestyle of a side chick. Pastor of Zion Church Landover— […]

Out of all the ways to catch your boyfriend cheating, dropping his side chick off at his apartment is the worst way to find out. That was the case for Twitter user @Msixelaa, an Uber driver who has gone viral after sharing her story about the time she picked up a girl at the airport, […]

By now it’s pretty obvious that Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj are no longer together. And what’s even more obvious is that his infidelity is the reason for the end of the couple’s romance. While Meek hasn’t exactly been subtle about it, the woman he cheated with has been sounding alarms about it as well, […]

Sometimes men can be just as bad as women when it comes to what they may consider “protecting” their relationship. In the video below, one chick’s side dude sends a message to her obviously hurt husband, who he – in other words – says is acting like a female because he busted his window. Petty, […]

Can you imagine how empowered Hillary Clinton would've been if Beyonce's 'Lemonade' was around in 1998?

DISCLAIMER: It’s all jokes, folks. #Satire at its finest.  If you’re a side chick, you know it and you’re okay with that, you have to respect the rules of the game. You can’t player hate from the sideline or interfere with interactions that affect the main. You just have to wait until you’re called in […]

At first glance, you may want to cheer on the fiancée of NFL player Victor Cruz, Elaina Watley, for sending out a mass text to all of…

The sad reality is the majority of us women have been the side chick at one point in our life or another. Knowingly or unknowingly, we have not been the only woman a man has dated at one time. With that being said, there are two types of women: a woman who has been lied […]

  Tyrina Lee is her name and inside sources and even one of my fav media outlets, The Jasmine Brand,  is reporting that this could be the chick that broke Ciara and Future up.  Word on the street is that a handful of people knew about the affair and told Ci-Ci.  By the way, this […]

Let’s be honest. Some side chicks don’t know their place. Well, Special K is clearing everything up with 10 simple rules. Listen to the audio…