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Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Out of all the ways to catch your boyfriend cheating, dropping his side chick off at his apartment is the worst way to find out.

That was the case for Twitter user @Msixelaa, an Uber driver who has gone viral after sharing her story about the time she picked up a girl at the airport, only to discover upon arrival that she was actually driving to her boyfriend’s house. @Msixelaa, whose real name is Bree, kicked off the story, tweeting:

As if finding out her man had another girl on the side wasn’t bad enough, Bree also discovered that he lied about his whereabouts at the time:

Things started to get interesting after she picked up the “side chick” passenger:

As you can imagine, Bree was mentally freaking out at this point:


If Twitter was a reality show, then #HurtBae and #UberBae deserve their own spin-off.



#UberBae: A Woman Unknowingly Picks Up Her Boyfriend’s Side Chick In Uber  was originally published on globalgrind.com