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Tyrina Lee is her name and inside sources and even one of my fav media outlets, The Jasmine Brand,  is reporting that this could be the chick that broke Ciara and Future up.  Word on the street is that a handful of people knew about the affair and told Ci-Ci.  By the way, this Tyrina chick is Future’s “Stylist”….Is that what we’re calling side chicks now? Jk, She really is his “wardrobe consultant” but I hear she’s been helping him out with more then fashion and has been on tour and on vacation with him.  Clearly Ciara was not having it and I’m sorry but I think even Steve Wonder see this one coming.  

*C’mon we basically heard of Ciara and Future’s relationship, pregnancy and engagement all in one breath..or at least it felt like it.  

*Future already has a rack of kids and Ci-Ci is baby-momma number #4.

*Also Future is still working to develop his brand on a mainstream level and Ci-Ci, well ..she needed a hit.  I can’t say that the trade off didn’t cross my mind and there’s not anything wrong with it.  However, there are a lot of other important traits and deeper elements in maintaining a long-term relationship, especially when parenting is thrown in the mix.

…sorry Fewch & Ci fans,  appreciate their talents tho:)

Oh and Future responded to accusations on his IG page…..with a deny, deny, deny!!!

jk!!! He wrote…

“I Dnt respond to rumors I respond to money #MONSTER”




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